Annouces Early Support for Cronos Network Upgrade

cronos-kinda, a leading crypto platform, has announced its backing for the approaching Cronos network upgrade. The upgrade will occur on April 17, 2024, at 6:45 UTC, and will result in the temporary suspension of deposits and withdrawals of some tokens on the Cronos network via the App and Exchange.

Cronos Network Upgrade, Trading Continues for Users

This suspension concerns grounded deposit and withdrawal services in’s accentuated dual platforms for specific tokens at the Cronos network. Specifically, under the indication that trading services will not be accessible during the upgrade, does not mean people will not be allowed to purchase or vend tokens on the Cronos network.

Therefore, individuals will be able to buy and sell Cronos tokens. However, these services of deposits and withdrawals at the Cronos network are set to resume after the upgrade being successfully established.

However, it is crucial to stay updated on any impending announcements concerning the successful completion of the upgrade process. Therefore, users are guaranteed by that they will be promptly notified through the official announcement platforms. Supporting the Cronos network upgrade is in line with’s objective of ensuring the reliability and functionality of the platforms for users. Vows Continued Support for Cronos Network Enhancements supports network upgrades and improvements to ensure the cryptocurrency space’s development and maturity. The Cronos network likewise a blockchain network, benefits from a continuous series of improvements and developments aimed at a broader, safer, and more vivid functionality geared towards improving the users’ experience.

Consequently, network upgrades are essential to improving its security, scalability, and effectiveness. As a result, it makes it more appealing to customers and potential traders. Therefore, has promised to facilitate such upgrades to provide the users with the best-selling experience.

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