De.Fi Presented its Accelerator & Announced the First Raise on April 29th

De.Fi Presented its Accelerator & Announced the First Raise on April 29th

[PRESS RELEASE – Dubai, United Arab Emirates, April 22nd, 2024]

◾ The Web3 sector is experiencing significant growth, with promising startups emerging at a rapid pace. De.Fi Accelerator is increasingly becoming an essential platform that assists these ventures in navigating the complex and dynamic landscape of crypto.

De.Fi, a leading Web3 super app for asset management built by security audit experts announced their new token launch platform, called De.Fi Accelerator, which will be launched on 29 April. Designed for a new cycle of web3 product launches, De.Fi Accelerator will be used for IDOs and to provide access to Web3 projects before they are listed on an exchange.

At this moment De.Fi has interviewed over 1,700 projects to select the best deals for its community.

The DEFI token is poised to dominate as the core token for the largest web3 Accelerator product. De.Fi is making significant strides in expanding the De.Fi ecosystem with the launch of the De.Fi Accelerator. 

Users will find that the De.Fi Accelerator is set to emerge as the primary incubator for pioneering Web3 narratives, including:

  • EigenLayer Restakings.
  • BRC20s.
  • Layer-2s.

Here’s how users can benefit from De.Fi Accelerator: By staking DEFI tokens, users can potentially earn up to 40% APR and gain access to exclusive deals offered by De.Fi Accelerator. This enables users to invest early in web3 projects that the De.Fi team has identified as the most promising, becoming part of a select group with exclusive access. De.Fi Accelerator aims to be one of the unique accelerators focusing on raising funds for L1 projects at their early stages. team expects that numerous web3 unicorns would be incubated at De.Fi Accelerator.

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Tiered System Based on Staking: Users need to stake DEFI tokens to accumulate points: these points determine their rank within the De.Fi Accelerator ecosystem. Points are determined by both the amount of DEFI tokens staked and the duration of the staking lock. The higher the user’s rank, the greater the benefits unlocked.

Users are welcome to acquire DEFI tokens through De.Fi Swap or from over 7 leading exchanges and can conveniently stake them on the Staking Platform.

The De.Fi team aims for the De.Fi Accelerator to become the largest accelerator for Solana projects

Solana-based IDOs (Initial DEX Offerings) platforms offering automated launchpad services made its first participants super popular and long-term players in the Solana ecosystem and gave the first investors the desired investment increase and ideal crypto portfolios.

Backed by a team of experts in crypto security, SocialFi, AI, and software development, De.Fi Accelerator aims to reward DEFI stakers and early-stage crypto believers and bring incredible support to new projects in the most popular areas of the crypto market today (EigenLayer, Restaking & BRC20 projects ) by providing a user-friendly platform and crypto security solution that shows promise in boosting the DeFi industry.

About De.Fi

De.Fi is an all-in-one Web3 Super App and Antivirus featuring an Asset Management Dashboard, Opportunity Explorer, and the world’s first Crypto Antivirus powered by the largest compilation of DeFi hacks and exploits, the Rekt Database. Trusted by 5 Million users globally, De.Fi aims to drive DeFi adoption by making the self-custody transition as simple and secure as possible. Backed by Okx, Huobi, former Coinbase M&A, and used by large companies worldwide, including University College London and Coingecko.

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