DeeStream’s Robust Presale Strategy Attracts Avalanche & Filecoin Backers Eyeing a Lucrative 100X Upside


Avalanche and Filecoin backers are looking to DeeStream to magnify their earning potential, as their current investments aren’t performing up to snuff. Avalanche and Filecoin are both down month-over-month and have little in the way of interesting future projects, so investors are looking for something fresh.

DeeStream is a decentralized video streaming platform that will revolutionize the digital space and, as a result, bring early adopters significant gains. With predictions of at least 100X returns, it’s no surprise that investors are jumping on the DeeStream train in droves. 

Avalanche Promises Limitless Creation But Limited Returns

Avalanche is a blockchain network that promises dApp builders the opportunity to build anything they want in any way they want. It claims to offer the advanced tools required to launch a Web3 innovation in less than a minute.

That’s all well and good, but there seems to be little innovation happening. Yes, companies like Gunzilla Games are using the Avalanche subnet to launch a game, and many other firms are joining the fray, but it seems that the market is not impressed. This can be seen clearly from the fact that AVAX is down just over 24% month-over-month, dropping from $59.39 to currently trade at approximately $37.9. 

Of course, that’s just in the short-term, as YOY, Avalanche has performed quite well, exhibiting 95% gains, going from $20.2 to as high as $60. However, it seems to have been unable to maintain this upward momentum, giving back quite a good portion of those gains. 

Filecoin Decentralizes File Storage But Doesn’t Impress the Market

Filecoin is a decentralized file storage network that aims to increase the security and efficiency of the web. Essentially, it works by renting out storage space on computers. This approach to file storage is highly enticing for people who want to store data more privately without having to go through servers controlled by corporations.

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While the concept is highly enticing to some, it seems to not be the most popular with the market at the moment, with the short-term trend being bearish. Thus, Filecoin has dropped almost 31% over the last month, going from $9.57 to $6.4. 

On a year-over-year basis, the coin is pretty much back to where it started, with significant fluctuations along the way. In other words, investors who have held on to Filecoin for a year have only seen returns of 3.86%, which doesn’t even outpace inflation. 

DeeStream Expectations Are Stratospheric

The minimal returns of Avalanche and Filecoin encourage investors to turn to DeeStream. While Avalanche’s 95% returns aren’t nothing to scoff at, they still don’t come close to what analysts expect from DeeStream, namely 100x gains. 

Why the major expectations? Well, DeeStream is a platform with a clear purpose that the average investor can understand and see its value. A decentralized video streaming platform, DeeStream will compete with YouTube, Twitch, and similar platforms, and everyone knows these make a lot of money. Since DeeStream will offer an environment that’s far more favorable to consumers and creators, it won’t be long before it easily rivals legacy services. 

It’s also in stage 2 of the presale and selling for a mere $0.06, so investors are flocking to it in droves, eager to take advantage and become early adopters. There’s also the little matter that presale token holders will be able to take part in the platform’s governance and enjoy a 50/50 revenue split, so there’s absolutely no downside.

For more information on DeeStream’s presale, please check out the website here

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