Ec³ Joins peaq Ecosystem, Incentivizing Solar Power Usage


Ec³, a decentralized physical infrastructure network (DePIN) for green energy storage, has joined officially the peaq ecosystem. It represents a new type of sustainability, as the use of solar power is incentivized and participants are rewarded with token rewards. Ec³ draws strength from the growing trend of the world carbon offsets market. It is expected to reach over $1.6 trillion by 2028. However, it focuses on a gentle approach from the industry to the environment.

Ec³ Enhances Transparency in Green Energy Transactions

By having peaq as its layer-1 blockchain anchor, Ec³ aims to transform people’s and businesses’ approach to green energy. A person will receive token rewards for solar power use, solar batteries on the roof, an electric vehicle, or another energy-consuming device.

Unfortunately, adopting renewable energy sources doesn’t make a planet cleaner. However, with green rewards, a person can independently contribute to carbon offsetting. One of the favorable Ec³ interactions with peaq is its device identification and seamless interoperability. To facilitate safer and more transparent transactions, staked assets are tokenized and many DePIN Functions are included.

It will be easier for a person to connect a device that supports the green energy network, and this will ultimately benefit the ecosystem. Furthermore, the introduction of $ECT, Ec³’s payment token, benefits from developing a command economic traditional network. They are heavily used to foster ideal behavior and currently, it has proven effective. However, one of the main risks of liquid staking is slashing.

Ec³ Promotes Solar Power, Rewards for Renewable Energy

This scenario is realized when a corrupt validator has some amount of his staked tokens damaged as a penalty. It is worth worrying about the centralization of a particular system since a large majority of very few tokens staked in one protocol can lead to centralization. Lastly, the legal march of liquid staking is questioned. From now, what used to live before, can be abolished.

To conclude, the Ec³ integration with the peaq network marks an important milestone in the effort to find primary energy solutions. In addition to all above, this initiative encourages solar power generation and compensation and rewards participants in these initiatives. This project signals that the energy sector is rethinking its behavior as it seeks to maintain more effective functions in order to ‘save what we have.

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