Eclipse Fi Integrates KinetixFi to Offer a DeFi One-Stop Shop



Eclipse Fi, a famous DeFi liquidity and launch protocol, has announced an exclusive integration. The company has asserted that it is integrating KinetixFi (a prominent decentralized exchange) to provide a one-stop shop for DeFi-related services and products. On its official X account, the firm mentioned that KinetixFi operates under the Kava network.

Eclipse Fi Partners with KinetixFi for a DeFi One-Stop Shop

KinetixFi offers an EVM-based project that has the potential to make the DeFi experience for consumers more convenient. Eclipse Fi disclosed in the post that the respective integration plays the role of a landmark move. The latest integration focuses on the provision of an overall efficient functionality for the users in the DeFi sector.

While giving details of the collaboration, Eclipse Fi revealed its enthusiasm for the integration with KinetixFi. It added that KinetixFi has a significant position among the top AMMs on the Polygon blockchain. Moreover, the platform reportedly possesses a total value locked of up to $21 million. Additionally, it is potentially witnessing continuous growth. Apart from that, the company has also announced an airdrop for consumers to increase adoption.


KFI Token Holders Can Get Revenue Shares and Take Part in Ecosystem’s Growth

$KFI, the native token of KinetixFi, focuses on governance for the ecosystem. As per Eclipse Fi, the token will reportedly have a substantial market capitalization of 1,000,000,000 coins. The token pairs will include veKFI, KLP, and KFI tokens for the provision of liquidity. Another purpose of these tokens will deal with voting, according to the tokenomics.

The token holders can lock their KFI coins for nearly 1 year to get increased shares in the revenue. Along with this, they will also get higher voting power. This initiative will promote a wider engagement with the project. The token holders can also take part in the growth of the ecosystem by voting for its liquidity pools.

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