Ethena Staking Rewards Ignite Massive ENA Movements



The launch of ‘Ethena Season 2’ staking rewards has triggered movements, as whales have been actively withdrawing large sums of $ENA (Ethena’s native cryptocurrency) from exchanges to participate in the program. Since initiating the ‘Ethena Season 2’ staking rewards, there has been a notable uptick in activity from major $ENA holders. Ten wallets have collectively withdrawn more than 1 million $ENA from various exchanges, accumulating 37.5 million $ENA (valued at approximately $51 million).

Among these transactions, one particularly significant movement involved a wallet, identified as “0x523b,” which invested 436 ETH (equivalent to $1.6 million) to purchase 1.16 million $ENA at $1.39 each. 

Other Recent Movements

Adding to the pattern of strategic investments, an update from two days ago revealed that three whales had withdrawn 11.9 million $ENA (worth $15.23 million) from Binance, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges. These funds were also directed towards staking, indicating a concentrated effort by large-scale investors to leverage the staking rewards offered by ‘Ethena Season 2’.


The considerable interest in $ENA staking, especially from prominent investors, underscores a broader market trend towards staking as a viable investment strategy. This shift indicates confidence in $ENA’s long-term prospects and highlights the attractiveness of staking rewards as a source of passive income.

Substantial withdrawals of $ENA from exchanges for staking purposes could lead to a tighter supply in the market, potentially driving up the cryptocurrency’s value. This scenario is particularly likely if the demand for $ENA continues to rise amidst growing enthusiasm for Ethena Season 2 and its staking rewards.

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