Joins Forces with SSV Network

ethereum-blue3 has announced a collaboration with SSV Network, introducing an advanced layer of security and reliability into its restaking operations. This alliance is designed to enhance Ethereum node management’s decentralization and resilience significantly.’s rapid adoption of Distributed Validation Technology (DVT) reflects its commitment to leading the restaking sector toward higher safety and decentralized operations. With the integration of SSV Network’s capabilities, is set to redefine resilience within the decentralized node ecosystem.

Mike Silagadze, CEO of, emphasized the core objectives of the partnership, stating that the focus of has always been on enhancing the decentralization and robustness of their operations. He noted that collaborating with SSV enables them to continue this journey while also optimizing rewards for their users.

Global Node Operator Engagement

The incorporation of SSV allows access to a global cadre of elite node operators. These operators, hailing from organizations like Finoa, PierTwo, and Allnodes, contribute not only their technical acumen but also geographic diversification, aligning closely with Ethereum’s best practices and ethos.

The strategic selection of node operators is vital to’s resilience strategy, ensuring a robust alignment with decentralized principles and enhancing the network’s resistance to various external threats.

A notable aspect of’s approach is the use of a seven-node cluster configuration. This setup permits up to two node operators to experience downtime without impacting the overall performance of the validators, exemplifying enterprise-level resilience.

In recent weeks, has integrated over 1960 validators, representing about $200 million in Total Value Locked (TVL), with the SSV Network, underscoring the security of ETH staked on the foundational layer.

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