Ethereum and Bitcoin Cause Ripples in the Crypto Market as Raboo Presale Draws Excited Investors


Bitcoin has been racing ahead in Q1 2024, setting the standard for renewed health across the crypto market. Setting a new Bitcoin ATH of $73k is only the start. Ethereum’s continuing growth matches Bitcoin’s energy, yet fans flock to a hot new crypto, Raboo.

Raboo has launched its presale at the price of just $0.0036. Analysts are already forecasting 233% returns during the ICO ahead of 100x returns on launch.

Bitcoin (BTC): Crypto standard-bearer reaching new heights

Bitcoin has defied expectations in the early months of 2024, setting new records in Q1 2024. The new Bitcoin ATH of $73k followed hot on the heels of the successful implementation of Bitcoin ETFs. With the Bitcoin halving event imminent, the original cryptocurrency is going from strength to strength.

As Bitcoin continues to be the barometer by which the crypto market takes its strength, the Bitcoin ATH has seen other coins across the board pump to new record levels. Analysts are now eagerly awaiting the impact of the Bitcoin halving to see whether a new Bitcoin ATH of over $100k might be achievable this year. Time will tell.

Ethereum (ETH): Following Bitcoin’s lead

Ethereum is taking its lead from Bitcoin and has been gliding northward since the beginning of the year. As 2024 starts at $2,282.87, Ethereum briefly peaked above the $4k barrier before falling back slightly. However, it has remained at almost 50% since the start of the year at $3,409.05 at the time of writing.

Ethereum remains the blockchain provider of choice for most projects, with its highly trusted network providing unparalleled layers of security for developers of dApps, Game Fi platforms, and DeFi solutions. With continuing momentum behind it, expect Ethereum to follow Bitcoin in the coming months and potentially break the $5k barrier for the first time.

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Raboo (RBT): Hot new crypto redefining meme coins

While the tried-and-tested crypto giants continue their relentless march towards new records, a hot new crypto is hitting the meme coin market with a compelling new SocialFi and MemeFi solution that will revolutionize the meme coin sector.

The blend of cutting-edge AI technology with SocialFi capabilities sees Raboo take center stage in the meme coin sector. With a philosophy surrounding accessibility and automation, alongside exciting opportunities for users to gain crypto rewards through the pioneering Post-to-Earn model, Raboo is proving irresistible to investors.

As well as rebelling against the stale story of Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, Raboo offers awesome tokenomics with the overall token supply limited to just 1.8 billion RBT tokens. As the Raboo community of meme enthusiasts rapidly grows, it’s a hot new crypto that could join the legions of big boys this year.


While Bitcoin and Ethereum lead the way in setting the pace for crypto market growth in 2024, investors seeking a low-value entry point into the market with enormous growth potential are flocking to Raboo. This hot new crypto will not only redefine what’s possible within meme culture with its engaging SocialFi ecosystem but can provide investors with unmatched opportunities to make serious returns in 2024.

If you’re seeking the best hot new crypto, choose Raboo.

You can participate in the Raboo (RABT) presale here.

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