Ethereum Price Slides As Investors Turn To Yield Farming Rewards From Octoblock

The Ethereum price prediction highlights an ETH downtrend amidst the forthcoming Ethereum ETF, as investors savor the high Octoblock Yield Farming rewards. 

Ethereum Price Prediction

The shift in focus pitting Ethereum and OCTO reflects a growing trend where investors seek alternative avenues for maximizing returns in the decentralized finance arena. As Octoblock gains traction with its innovative approach to yield farming, Ethereum faces increased competition for investor attention. The Ethereum price prediction attributes the ETH’s price decline to Octoblock’s comprehensive yield farming strategy.

Why The Ethereum Slump Amidst the Upcoming Ethereum ETF

As the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) seeks comments on three ether spot ETF applicants, the optimism depicted by the SEC’s approval of Bitcoin spot ETFs in January, crypto analysts are less hopeful about the Ethereum ETF. Although the SEC was pressured to change its stance on Bitcoin ETFs, the approval may not extend to Ethereum. Fidelity, Grayscale Invests, and Bitwise are among the Ethereum ETF applicants.

The second-largest cryptocurrency is struggling, rising only by 50%, failing to hit a new ATH, like its counterpart BTC. Its upgrades may not have generated excitement compared to the anticipation surrounding Octoblock’s ICO. The optimists expect goodies like price increases after approval, while the pessimists remain cautious.

Why Octoblock’s Yield Farming Rewards Beats Everything Else?

Octoblock’s financial intelligence concept is a first-to-market strategy introduced among its comprehensive offers. The Crowd Funded Yield Farming (cFyF) initiative is a game-changing DeFi aspect that encourages community participation for favorable terms, inclusivity, and collective risk management. Collective efforts can lead to reduced risks and a strong bargaining medium for better terms and favorable products. It strives for high-yield farming returns, which will not fall below 10% even during unfavorable conditions. In ICO phase two, the OCTO token is priced at $0.036, with a 14% bonus and an approximate APY of 22.09%. The TVL currently stands at $13,720.

Octoblock’s interoperable Cross-Chain revolutionizes cryptocurrency transactions across various blockchain networks. With advanced protocols, it supports 20+ blockchains and over 100 cryptocurrencies, including ETH, BNB Smart Chain, Polygon, and ARB.

Octoblock promotes social responsibility and ocean conservation through a charitable trust feature named the Tentacle Trust. The ICO participants are entered into a draw to win a Tesla Model 3 electric vehicle. Each token purchased enters investors into a Tesla Giveaway draw. The initial ICO stages involve seed capital boost from contributors and as ICO nears its end, there will be a thorough assessment and injection of extra capital. At the ICO conclusion, a portion of unsold tokens from each phase will be transferred to the treasury. These tokens will be rolled over to the last phase and the remainder at the close will be burned to achieve and maintain tokenomics percentages..

Details of Octoblock (OCTO) ICO here:




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