Ethereum’s Layer 2 Networks Projected to Reach $1T Market Cap by 2030: VanEck Analysts

Ethereum’s Layer 2 Networks Projected to Reach $1T Market Cap by 2030: VanEck Analysts

In a report released earlier this week, analysts from investment manager VanEck forecasted that Ethereum’s Layer 2 scaling networks will reach an astonishing $1 trillion market capitalization by the year 2030.

The $1 trillion prediction was reached by estimating that Ethereum would hold 60% of the market share across all public blockchains and assessing the volume of assets within its ecosystem.

Ethereum’s $1T Potential Through Layer 2 Innovations

VanEck’s senior digital assets investment analyst, Patrick Bush, and digital assets research head, Matthew Sigel, shed light on the transformative potential of Layer 2 blockchains in revolutionizing Ethereum’s scalability and performance.

Ethereum’s dominance in smart contracts faces scalability issues as transaction fees and processing times escalate during periods of high usage.

According to the analysts, Layer 2 networks are set to capitalize on Ethereum’s limited capacity to process, store, and compute data, thus unlocking new opportunities for innovation and growth within the blockchain ecosystem.

The report also highlights the role played by Layer 2 solutions, particularly Optimistic Roll-Ups and Zero-Knowledge Roll-Ups, in enhancing Ethereum’s transaction processing capabilities while upholding its core principles of security and decentralization.

One development emphasized is Ethereum’s recent Dencun upgrade, which introduces the innovative “Blob” feature to reduce data posting costs, improving Layer 2 operations financially.

Layer 2 Networks Could Dominate Ethereum

VanEck’s analysis projects a future where Layer 2 networks will capture a significant portion of transaction value and Total Value Locked (TVL) within the Ethereum ecosystem. This growth is expected to be partly driven by the potential of Maximal Extractable Value (MEV) to enhance Layer 2 revenues. They also see a future where Layer-2 platforms could offer distinct competitive advantages over Ethereum in specific market sectors.

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Despite their optimistic outlook, the analysts are cautious regarding the long-term value of most layer 2-related tokens due to “cutthroat competition,” which could impact the long-term value of many projects. They note that the top seven Ethereum layer 2 tokens already command a fully diluted valuation of $40 billion, with more projects to launch in the coming months.

The report forecasts a future landscape characterized by thousands of use-case-specific Layer 2 networks catering to various sectors, including gaming, social media, and infrastructure.

These specialized chains are expected to complement Ethereum’s general-purpose chains, with a select few emerging as major players due to network effects and widespread adoption.

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