Fetch.ai Price Prediction: Will AI Tokens Surpass Bitcoin’s Rise In 2024?


Fetch.ai, a cryptocurrency-based AI project on the Cosmos network, achieved a record high following its announcement of a $100 million investment in its Fetch Compute initiative. This program is designed to boost the tools, computing power, and training opportunities available to developers, and offers GPU credits. Fetch Compute utilizes Nvidia’s H200, H100, and A100 GPUs to provide a platform that allows developers and users to tap into significant computing resources, supported by the Fetch.AI ecosystem fund. The project stated, “This initiative is anticipated to quicken the pace of innovation within the Fetch.ai ecosystem by enabling the exploration of more sophisticated models and solutions.” Furthermore, starting March 7, users who stake Fetch.ai’s native token, $FET, will receive Fetch Compute Credits as rewards. These credits can be used to cover GPU usage costs on the Fetch Compute network. Despite the initial surge due to the AI boom, the value of the coin saw a decline in the latter part of March. This raises questions about whether the AI-driven enthusiasm is declining. However, with several crypto firms now switching their focus to the AI sector, it is anticipated that AI tokens like Fetch.ai will gain momentum and aim for a robust high in the coming months. Our Fetch.ai price prediction aims to explore the future market potential of AI tokens with in-depth technical analysis of the Fetch.ai token.

Fetch.ai (FET): Explained

The Fetch.ai platform provides open-source tools that let users build a variety of ecosystem infrastructures and introduce new business models. Fetch.ai is supported by a global team of engineers who integrate blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI), and multi-agent systems.

The platform operates on advanced, scalable distributed ledger technology and incorporates machine learning. Its ecosystem offers open and tokenized decentralized networks that combine multi-agent systems, machine learning, and cryptography, supporting a decentralized digital economy.

Founded in 2017 by Humayun Sheik, the CEO and co-founder, along with Toby Simpson, Thomas Hain, and Jonathan Ward, Fetch.ai partners with major companies like BOSCH, a German manufacturing and technology company, to develop and launch a functional blockchain network known as V2.0 Mainnet. Additionally, the Festo team collaborated with Fetch.ai to create a decentralized manufacturing marketplace. Other key partners include Catena-X, innovative telecom labs, Fireblocks, YOTI, and others. Fetch.ai is also part of OpenDAO and OCP. Users holding FET on the Binance Smart Chain can stake them or trade them for OMNIC tokens and mint USDO stablecoins.

FET is the main digital currency used on the Fetch.ai platform, fueling its internal economic activities. Users of Fetch.ai use FET to pay for services available on the platform.

Additionally, users can lock up their FET in the platform to participate in its governance and influence its future direction. By staking their FET, users can earn an annual interest of 10%.

Requiring users to commit FET to set up a digital twin serves as a safeguard. This requirement helps prevent the overload of the platform with spam or harmful digital entities, officially known as Autonomous Economic Agents (AEAs).

Fetch.ai: In Depth

According to its whitepaper, the platform aims to create the necessary infrastructure for developing modern, decentralized, and peer-to-peer (P2P) applications.

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The platform’s website describes its ecosystem as comprising applications known as autonomous economic agents (AEAs). These agents operate independently and can interact with each other. They automatically find, negotiate, and interact with each other without needing user input, eliminating the need for intermediaries and thus reducing costs.

Fetch.ai supports various programs, including:

  • Co-Learn: A system that allows stakeholders to collaboratively develop a shared machine-learning model.
  • Axim: An AI tool that analyzes isolated data and enhances data security.
  • Atomix: A protocol that generates yield from stablecoins.
  • MOBIX: Tokens that incentivize the use of MOBIX’s electric mobility solutions.
  • Catena-X Automotive Network: A cloud-based network for the global automotive industry.
  • Resonate: A decentralized social network.
  • Starfleet: A decentralized exchange (DEX).
  • Mettalex: A decentralized exchange for both traditional and crypto commodity derivatives.

Every blockchain requires its own cryptocurrency, and Fetch.ai uses the fetch.ai coin, also referred to by its ticker, FET. This cryptocurrency is used for payments and transactions on the platform. It can also be staked to support the blockchain’s operations, earn rewards, and help add blocks. Originally launched in 2019 as a token on the Ethereum blockchain, FET became Fetch.ai’s native coin by early 2021.

Fetch.ai Price Prediction: Price History

Let’s review the historical price trends of the FET cryptocurrency. Understanding its price fluctuations since its debut can provide useful background for making or interpreting predictions about its future value.

FET was first made available through an initial coin offering (ICO) in February 2019 and hit the market later that same month priced at around $0.33. At that time, the cryptocurrency market was experiencing a downturn, often referred to as a crypto winter, marked by sluggish price changes. Then, in March 2020, the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic impacted markets globally, driving FET’s price down to a record low of $0.00827 on March 13, 2020. It gradually recovered, ending the year at $0.515.

In early 2021, the overall crypto market surged, and FET’s price rose above $0.80 in March, following the launch of its dedicated Fetch.ai blockchain. However, the market took a downturn on May 19, and FET prices lingered below $0.20 for much of the summer. A later rebound, spurred by a recovering market and the addition of FET staking on Binance, propelled the price to a peak of $1.19 on September 8. Despite this, the year concluded with the price cooling to $0.5069.

2022 saw a challenging year following a previous boom, with FET prices remaining low and experiencing several market downturns, ultimately closing the year at $0.09167—a decline of over 80%.

So far in 2023, the coin has shown some recovery. Growing interest in AI-related cryptocurrencies has placed FET in a prominent position. It reached $0.6004 on February 8, its highest price since December 2021. A subsequent drop followed the collapse of Silvergate bank, bringing it down to $0.2979 on March 10, but it recovered to $0.4814 by March 13.

Over the next few months, FET price continued to hover around the $0.25 mark; however, it experienced a surge in the following months and ended 2023 on a positive note at $0.7. 2024 saw FET price skyrocketing above several resistance channels, sending it toward its new ATH of $3.5 in March following Bitcoin’s surge above $70K.

FET Price Forecast: Technical Analysis

FET experienced a sharp decline from the key resistance level of $3.5 and is currently on a heavy downward trend, signaling that the bears are maintaining their pressure. However, bulls are aiming to defend the decline by sending the price above the descending resistance line. As of writing, FET price trades at $2.5, declining over 5.3% in the last 24 hours.  

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FET/USDT Chart On TradingView

The bulls are attempting to halt the downturn at $2.4. A rebound from the moving averages could give the bulls another opportunity to challenge the $2.85 level. Overcoming this resistance could lead to a rally up to the higher resistance at $3.6.

On the other hand, if the price falls below the moving averages, it indicates that the sideways trading within the range of $2 to $1.5 could persist. A drop below $1.5 would likely shift the advantage to the bears.

Fetch.ai Price Prediction By Blockchain Reporter

Year Minimum ($) Average ($) Maximum ($)
2024 3.31 3.41 3.88
2025 4.84 5.01 5.83
2026 7.01 7.21 8.34
2027 9.79 10.08 12.36
2028 13.85 14.36 17.17
2029 20.70 21.27 24.29
2030 30.66 31.51 35.69
2031 46.03 47.60 53.10
2032 71.65 74.03 79.80
2033 105.65 108.61 125.98

Fetch.ai Price Prediction 2024

Fetch.ai price is forecast to reach a lowest possible level of $3.31 in 2024. As per our findings, the FET price could reach a maximum possible level of $3.88 with the average forecast price of $3.41. 

Months Minimum ($) Average ($) Maximum ($)
January 2.979 3.069 3.492
February 3.009 3.100 3.527
March 3.039 3.131 3.563
April 3.069 3.162 3.598
May 3.099 3.193 3.633
June 3.129 3.224 3.668
July 3.160 3.255 3.704
August 3.190 3.286 3.739
September 3.220 3.317 3.774
October 3.250 3.348 3.809
November 3.280 3.379 3.845
December 3.310 3.410 3.880

Fetch.ai Price Prediction 2025

According to our deep technical analysis on past price data of FET, in 2025 the price of Fetch.ai is forecasted to be at around a minimum value of $4.84. The Fetch.ai price value can reach a maximum of $5.83 with the average trading value of $5.01. 

Months Minimum ($) Average ($) Maximum ($)
January 4.356 4.509 5.247
February 4.400 4.555 5.300
March 4.444 4.600 5.353
April 4.488 4.646 5.406
May 4.532 4.691 5.459
June 4.576 4.737 5.512
July 4.620 4.782 5.565
August 4.664 4.828 5.618
September 4.708 4.873 5.671
October 4.752 4.919 5.724
November 4.796 4.964 5.777
December 4.840 5.010 5.830

FET Price Forecast for 2026

As per the forecast price and technical analysis, in 2026 the price of Fetch.ai is predicted to reach at a minimum level of $7.01. The FET price can reach a maximum level of $8.34 with the average trading price of $7.21. 

Months Minimum ($) Average ($) Maximum ($)
January 6.309 6.489 7.506
February 6.373 6.555 7.582
March 6.436 6.620 7.658
April 6.500 6.686 7.733
May 6.564 6.751 7.809
June 6.628 6.817 7.885
July 6.691 6.882 7.961
August 6.755 6.948 8.037
September 6.819 7.013 8.113
October 6.883 7.079 8.188
November 6.946 7.144 8.264
December 7.010 7.210 8.340

Fetch.ai (FET) Price Prediction 2027

As per the forecast and technical analysis, in 2027 the price of Fetch.ai is expected to reach a minimum price value of $9.79. The FET price can reach a maximum price value of $12.36 with the average value of $10.08. 

Months Minimum ($) Average ($) Maximum ($)
January 8.811 9.072 11.124
February 8.900 9.164 11.236
March 8.989 9.255 11.349
April 9.078 9.347 11.461
May 9.167 9.439 11.573
June 9.256 9.530 11.686
July 9.345 9.622 11.798
August 9.434 9.713 11.911
September 9.523 9.805 12.023
October 9.612 9.897 12.135
November 9.701 9.988 12.248
December 9.790 10.080 12.360

Fetch.ai Price Prediction 2028

According to our deep technical analysis on past price data of FET, in 2028 the price of Fetch.ai is predicted to reach at a minimum level of $13.85. The FET price can reach a maximum level of $17.17 with the average trading price of $14.36. 

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Months Minimum ($) Average ($) Maximum ($)
January 12.465 12.924 15.453
February 12.591 13.055 15.609
March 12.717 13.185 15.765
April 12.843 13.316 15.921
May 12.969 13.446 16.077
June 13.095 13.577 16.233
July 13.220 13.707 16.390
August 13.346 13.838 16.546
September 13.472 13.968 16.702
October 13.598 14.099 16.858
November 13.724 14.229 17.014
December 13.850 14.360 17.170

Fetch.ai Price Prediction 2029

Fetch.ai price is forecast to reach a lowest possible level of $20.70 in 2029. As per our findings, the FET price could reach a maximum possible level of $24.29 with the average forecast price of $21.27. 

Months Minimum ($) Average ($) Maximum ($)
January 18.63 19.143 21.861
February 18.818 19.336 22.082
March 19.006 19.530 22.303
April 19.195 19.723 22.523
May 19.383 19.916 22.744
June 19.571 20.110 22.965
July 19.759 20.303 23.186
August 19.947 20.497 23.407
September 20.135 20.690 23.628
October 20.324 20.883 23.848
November 20.512 21.077 24.069
December 20.700 21.270 24.290

Fetch.ai (FET) Price Prediction 2030

The price of Fetch.ai is predicted to reach a minimum value of $30.66 in 2030. The Fetch.ai price could reach a maximum value of $35.69 with the average trading price of $31.51 throughout 2030. 

Months Minimum ($) Average ($) Maximum ($)
January 27.594 28.359 32.121
February 27.873 28.645 32.445
March 28.151 28.932 32.770
April 28.430 29.218 33.094
May 28.709 29.505 33.419
June 28.988 29.791 33.743
July 29.266 30.078 34.068
August 29.545 30.364 34.392
September 29.824 30.651 34.717
October 30.103 30.937 35.041
November 30.381 31.224 35.366
December 30.660 31.510 35.690

Fetch.ai Price Forecast 2031

The price of Fetch.ai is predicted to reach a minimum level of $46.03 in 2031. The Fetch.ai price can reach a maximum level of $53.10 with the average price of $47.60 throughout 2031. 

Months Minimum ($) Average ($) Maximum ($)
January 41.427 42.840 47.790
February 41.845 43.273 48.273
March 42.264 43.705 48.755
April 42.682 44.138 49.238
May 43.101 44.571 49.721
June 43.519 45.004 50.204
July 43.938 45.436 50.686
August 44.356 45.869 51.169
September 44.775 46.302 51.652
October 45.193 46.735 52.135
November 45.612 47.167 52.617
December 46.030 47.600 53.100

Fetch.ai (FET) Price Prediction 2032

The price of Fetch.ai is predicted to reach a minimum value of $71.65 in 2032. The Fetch.ai price could reach a maximum value of $79.80 with the average trading price of $74.03 throughout 2032. 

Months Minimum ($) Average ($) Maximum ($)
January 64.485 66.627 71.820
February 65.136 67.300 72.546
March 65.788 67.973 73.271
April 66.439 68.646 73.996
May 67.090 69.319 74.722
June 67.742 69.992 75.447
July 68.393 70.665 76.173
August 69.045 71.338 76.898
September 69.696 72.011 77.624
October 70.347 72.684 78.349
November 70.999 73.357 79.075
December 71.650 74.030 79.800

Fetch.ai Price Prediction 2033

The price of 1 Fetch.ai is expected to reach a minimum level of $105.65 in 2033. The FET price can reach a maximum level of $125.98 with the average price of $108.61 throughout 2033. 

Months Minimum ($) Average ($) Maximum ($)
January 95.085 97.749 113.382
February 96.045 98.736 114.527
March 97.006 99.724 115.673
April 97.966 100.711 116.818
May 98.927 101.698 117.963
June 99.887 102.686 119.108
July 100.848 103.673 120.254
August 101.808 104.661 121.399
September 102.769 105.648 122.544
October 103.729 106.635 123.689
November 104.690 107.623 124.835
December 105.650 108.610 125.980

Fetch.ai Price Target: By Experts

According to Coincodex’s current Fetch.ai price prediction, the price of Fetch.ai is expected to increase by 13.55% and reach $2.93 by May 12, 2024. Coincodex’s technical indicators suggest a bearish sentiment, while the Fear & Greed Index indicates extreme greed with a score of 79. Fetch.ai has experienced 15/30 (50%) green days with a price volatility of 8.03% over the past 30 days.

The forecast from Coincodex advises that it is currently a bad time to buy Fetch.ai. Furthermore, considering the historical price movements of Fetch.ai and BTC halving cycles, the yearly low Fetch.ai price prediction for 2025 is projected at $2.44. The price of Fetch.ai is also expected to reach a high of $3.09 next year.

By 2026, market analysts and experts, as reported by Digital Coin Price, predict that FET will begin the year at $7.56 and trade around $9.33. This represents a significant increase compared to the previous year and is viewed as an impressive leap for Fetch.ai. Technical analysis and Fetch.ai Price Prediction for the start of 2030 suggest that the cost of Fetch.ai will be $18.79, with the price of FET expected to reach the same level by the end of the year. Additionally, FET might climb to as high as $17.30. The period from 2024 to 2030 is anticipated to be a time of substantial growth for Fetch.ai. 

Is Fetch.ai A Good Investment? When To Buy?

Our price forecast for Fetch.ai suggests that despite some risks, the project is well-placed for growth in both the short and long term. Positioned at the nexus of cryptocurrency and artificial intelligence, Fetch.ai is uniquely situated to benefit from excitement in both sectors.

Moreover, by implementing AI on the blockchain, Fetch.ai addresses the centralization problem often associated with AI. Should this approach become more widely recognized and adopted, Fetch.ai (FET) could see significant gains.

Factors Influencing FET Price

Fetch.ai is positioned at the intersection of cryptocurrency and AI innovation, which makes it an exciting but potentially unstable investment for its community. The value of Fetch.ai often fluctuates due to market speculation. As interest in AI grows, Fetch.ai becomes more reactive to developments in the AI field. However, potential regulatory changes targeting AI technologies could hurt its value.

Tokenomics also play a significant role. Fetch.ai has good token utility and a reasonable schedule for releasing new tokens. Any new market interest driven by speculation or the actual use of the tokens could greatly influence its price.

Finally, the overall trends in the cryptocurrency market also affect the price of Fetch.ai. Typically, most smaller cryptocurrencies tend to follow Bitcoin’s lead, often with sharper fluctuations. Following Bitcoin’s halving event in 2024, Fetch.ai’s price might rise along with Bitcoin’s.


Fetch.ai presents a promising opportunity but, like all cryptocurrencies, it comes with inherent risks. Its innovative application of blockchain technology combined with artificial intelligence offers significant potential for utility and price growth. Additionally, its availability on major tier-one exchanges such as Binance and Coinbase enhances its accessibility for investors, potentially boosting its performance in a bullish market.

The project is actively expanding its ecosystem, including the launch of new tools. Notably, Fetch.ai recently collaborated with DeCodeCafe on a hackathon, an effective strategy for nurturing a developer community and strengthening the project’s ecosystem.

Fetch.ai facilitates the rapid creation of “AI agents” (AI-powered programs) from existing applications using its no-code platform, significantly enhancing the utility of the Fetch.ai ecosystem. This capability positions Fetch.ai as a potentially leading cryptocurrency in trending markets. However, it is advised to do your own research before investing in the volatile market. 

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