FLock Taps io.net To Decentralize Its AI Training Operations

  • FLock and io.net are in partnership to leverage decentralized computing systems.
  • This alliance model related partnership going on in the blockchain-based AI world.

Blockchain-based Artificial Intelligence (AI) training protocol FLock is advancing its foothold in the tech world with a partnership with io.net. This partnership, per a Press Release shared with Crypto News Flash, will see FLock embrace a decentralized computing system to mitigate the risks of centralization in AI operations while optimizing its governance systems.

FLock and io.net To Lean on Complementary Tech

Artificial Intelligence is becoming a major force around the globe and blockchain-based players are not playing second fiddle. According to earlier reports by Crypto News Flash, OpenAI’s AI application ChatGPT is already changing the game as it concerns crypto price predictions. This is just one of the major use cases of AI, with accompanying threats introduced by these Large Language Models (LLMs).

Besides the risks to humans, there is also the risk of system failure due to decentralization. This is what FLock hopes to circumvent with the partnership with io.net. The former is relying on the latter’s Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Network (DePIN) to optimize the use of GPUs powering its systems.

“A future powered by AI is inevitable, but we’ve already experienced the repercussions of AI products that are centrally owned and operated,” said Jiahao Sun, the founder and CEO of FLock.io, adding that this is why the startup is “committed to facilitating community-governed AI systems via our decentralized training models. As part of this overarching mission, we’re delighted to be fully decentralizing the GPUs powering the platform with our io.net partnership.”

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Innovators in the Web3.0 ecosystem are trying to stem the dominance of big tech giants in Silicon Valley. By adhering to the tenets of decentralized and community ownership, FLock believes it can accelerate its growth, and work more optimally in achieving its dreams of enhancing human productivity with its technology.

AI and Blockchain

FLock is one of the numerous examples of a decentralized protocol developing new capabilities for AI. Its solution hinges on the utilization of federated learning through which “models learn from decentralized data sources without moving the data itself.”

Per the solution it is bringing to the digital economy, FLock hopes to stem the misuse of models as well as the menace that comes with centralization. The io.net partnership is designed to serve as a mega boost overall.

Drawing on earlier reports from Crypto News Flash, three AI crypto protocols including SingularityNET (AGIX), Fetch.ai (FET), and Ocean Protocol have joined forces to build the Artificial SuperIntelligence (ASI) Alliance. This alliance is poised to create a unified token and promote advanced Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) development.

With their combined technology, community, and leadership expertise, the trio believes they can introduce innovative protocols to compete in today’s fast-evolving AI ecosystem. With the trends observed in recent times, more partnerships like the one between FLock and io.net and the ASI Alliance are bound to skyrocket in the coming months.

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