Forget Ethereum: BlockDAG’s 30,000x Potential Draws Crowds with Its Video Trailer on The Moon

Once an obscure investment, cryptocurrencies like Ethereum have turned ordinary backers into billionaires. Today, Investors are shifting their focus from Ethereum to BlockDAG, attracted by its potential for astronomical returns. BlockDAG’s presale events have already generated impressive numbers, with $17.8 Million raised from presale activities and an additional $2.1 million from miner sales. As Ethereum faces internal debates over its issuance curve, BlockDAG captures the investment community’s attention, promising a 30,000x return on investment through its innovative mineable network.

Ethereum’s Current Climate

The recent debates over Ethereum’s issuance curve have the community in an uproar. As Ethereum moves into its next upgrade phase, Electra, proposals to decrease issuance to preserve solo staker viability are hotly contested. Figures like Eric Conner and Ahmad Bitar oppose these changes, fearing they undermine Ethereum’s established role as a digital currency by responding excessively to unfounded centralisation worries. This division presents a crucial moment for Ethereum, reflecting broader uncertainties in the crypto market.

The community is divided amid the discussions around Ethereum’s proposed issuance curve adjustments. Proposals for reducing issuance to benefit solo stalkers face strong opposition from prominent developers who argue that these changes could undermine Ethereum’s utility as a decentralised currency. This controversy highlights the challenges of evolving a principal cryptocurrency while maintaining its foundational principles and community trust.

BlockDAG To The Moon Over $17.8 Million In Presale

BlockDAG stands out in the bustling crypto presale market, having already raised over $17.8 Million in presale and $2.1 Million in miner sales. Its upcoming keynote promises an exhilarating revelation with BDAG on the moon, sparking widespread excitement. The current Keynote video denotes a 100 Million market liquidity promise, prospects of Top exchange listings like KuCoin, CoinEx,, and Bitget plus a $0.05  listing price a jump of over 4900% from its earlier batch, BlockDAG’s roadmap is impressively ambitious.

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At the heart of BlockDAG’s appeal is its innovative approach to blockchain technology. According to their latest technical whitepaper, BlockDAG enables developers to build, deploy, and earn efficiently.

The platform supports many blockchain activities, from creating smart contracts using popular development tools to deploying applications on a testnet before launching them on the mainnet. Furthermore, the potential for developers to earn through transaction fees, subscriptions, and token sales makes BlockDAG an enticing ecosystem for blockchain innovators.

Moreover, BlockDAG utilises Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) technology, ensuring scalability and performance remain robust as the network expands. This technical foundation facilitates many business models and encourages continuous innovation and community engagement.

The End

As the crypto community seeks the next lucrative investment following Ethereum’s historic rise, BlockDAG offers a compelling case with its potential 30,000x ROI. As Ethereum contends with internal conflicts and the crypto community’s growing concerns, BlockDAG positions itself as the preferred alternative for savvy investors. With over $17.8 million in presale revenue and a vibrant community rallying around its innovative offerings, BlockDAG is poised to redefine the investment landscape.

This burgeoning platform offers a significant ROI and showcases a robust roadmap and technological prowess, promising a lucrative future for early adopters. Join the movement by visiting BlockDAG’s website and exploring investment opportunities in what could be the next breakthrough in the crypto space.

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