Forget Ethereum (ETH), Pullix (PLX) and Dogecoin (DOGE) Are The Ones To Watch In April


The Ethereum (ETH) community eagerly anticipates the Ethereum Denver upgrade and a potential ETF approval, resulting in a different kind of excitement besides the upcoming bitcoin halving. Meanwhile, Dogecoin (DOGE) and Pullix (PLX) have emerged as surprise contenders, capturing investor attention despite their contrasting characteristics. Unlike Ethereum, these tokens are not established giants, but rather innovative projects with the potential to disrupt their respective sectors. This analysis dives into the recent achievements of  DOGE and PLX and what positions them among the best cryptocurrency to invest in April 2024.

Whale Rally Fuels Optimism for DOGE Holders 

Dogecoins (DOGE) big money movers or “whales”, went on a surprise buying spree on April 4th accumulating over a whopping 200 million Dogecoin tokens. This buying frenzy has the Dogecoin community abuzz with excitement and optimism for their favorite meme coin. 

Meanwhile, the unexpected whale buying frenzy came amid the whole crypto market volatility that had Dogecoin showing significant decline. Right now, the DOGE price is hanging around a weekly price range of $0.214 and $0.169. 

However, when compared to DOGE’s performance in 2023, the DOGE holders are not satisfied.  Market analysts suggest broader bearish forces may continue to exert downward pressure on the overall crypto landscape for the time being. Regardless, the whales’ confidence in accumulating such a large DOGE position at this juncture has reinvigorated the hopes and excitement of many  DOGE holders.  

Pullix (PLX): Innovation Drives Token Value

Pullix (PLX) has been drawing a lot of attention lately with a bunch of exciting developments. This pioneering hybrid exchange platform has solidified its place in the DeFi market with noteworthy listings on major exchanges like Uniswap,, BitMart, and recently, MEXC. And the journey doesn’t stop at that, considering that the community eagerly awaits more listings as the second quarter of 2024 unfolds.

However, the real buzz about the project is more founded in the launch of Pullix highly anticipated live trading platform, meaning that users can now deposit real funds and engage in real-world trading experiences alongside staking activities. This recent development, coupled with an anticipated launch on Apple App Store and Google PlayStore is expected to drive mainstream adoption and project growth.

Meanwhile, the Pullix platform is determined to disrupt the DeFi landscape by introducing a hybrid exchange model that combines the best attributes of centralized and decentralized exchanges. Additionally, the project incorporates a Trade-to-Earn-like profit-sharing model model that essentially rewards users with a portion of the platform’s daily revenue for actively participating within the Pullix ecosystem. 

While the appeal of Pullix transcends the boundaries of the community, industry experts believe the PLX token could surge 10X and surpass the $2 price mark before the end of the year. This bullish sentiment has further solidified Pullix position as the best cryptocurrency to invest in April 2024.

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