FTX Sells 30M SOL Tokens at 60% Discount, TAO Rival Sees Surging Investor Interest

The prominent cryptocurrency exchange FTX just finished selling off a significant amount of its Solana (SOL) holdings for about $1.9 billion. Approximately 25–30 million SOL tokens, a portion of a larger portfolio with a $2.6 billion value, were sold in this transaction. These tokens were offered for $64 each, a substantial 60% discount.

On the other hand, investors have also noticed InQubeta (QUBE), a Bittensor (TAO) rival that generated over $13.4 million in token sales during its presale. InQubeta’s blend of AI (artificial intelligence) and crypto has created quite a buzz in the crypto market. It has provided high returns to early investors. It is anticipated to witness a significant price increase upon launch, making it the best crypto investment choice for those wishing to invest in emerging cryptocurrencies. 

This article delves into the implications of FTX’s discounted sale of SOL tokens and explores the factors driving investor interest in InQubeta. 

InQubeta (QUBE) Rides on a Bullish Path

InQubeta’s bullish drive is still going strong and gaining more traction among new ICOs. Situated at the intersection of blockchain and artificial intelligence, two of the world’s most revolutionary technologies, it has attracted much investor interest, surpassing $13.4 million in presale. In its final phase of the ICO, a token is substantially discounted, costing just $0.028. Analysts predict an 85x increase in value following its market debut, prompting top experts to tag it as a recommended presale.

Its goal is to use blockchain technology to transform the rapidly emerging AI industry. Using a novel strategy, it aims to create the first Web3 cryptocurrency-based financing platform for AI tech startups worldwide. Also, through its specially designed NFT (non-fungible token) marketplace, investors will benefit from democratized access to the profitable AI business. Startups can raise money by minting investment opportunities within the NFT marketplace, which serves as the fundraising and investing activity center. These real-world AI investments will be made available to investors in return for shares in innovative AI companies after being tokenized as equity-based NFTs.

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QUBE is a deflationary token that profits from the scarcity impact brought about by the token burn. A burn tax will take 1% of all purchases and 2% of all QUBE token sales out of circulation. Among other benefits, QUBE holders will receive voting rights and staking rewards. QUBE token also serves as a governance token for group decision-making, a utility token for gaining access to platform services, and a channel for value transfer within the ecosystem. This distinct feature makes it stand out among other new ICOs

Solana (SOL) Tokens Offered to FTX at 60% Discount

According to a recent development published by Bloomberg on April 5, the FTX estate has sold more than half of its SOL tokens at a considerable discount of 63% from their current market value. This sale is significant given that Solana tokens are regarded as the primary assets of the now-defunct exchange. According to people who know about the matter, the deal caught the interest of several prominent individuals in the financial industry, including venture capitalists and asset managers like Galaxy Trading and Pantera Capital.

FTX sold 25 to 30 million locked SOL tokens that could not be traded until a specific date because of a four-year vesting schedule. FTX had previously supported Solana as an early investor. For $64 per token, these tokens brought in about $1.9 billion for FTX’s creditors.

Bittensor (TAO) Declines After 700% Price Gain

Bittensor is a decentralized marketplace for machine learning models and algorithms. The project recently had its TAO tokens reach an all-time high of $759 after a 700% price gain in just two months. The quick increase in the popularity of AI is evidence of TAO’s potential to transform society completely. After a 40% decline, some investors question whether TAO’s rally was hype, as they see InQubeta as a potential contender. Supporters of TAO assert that if the project successfully integrates blockchain technology and artificial intelligence, it has the potential to be a breakthrough platform embraced by other industries, including healthcare and financial systems.

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The cryptocurrency industry is abuzz with speculation regarding FTX’s sale of 30 million SOL tokens at a 60% discount, and there is much discussion about the consequences of this move for the larger blockchain ecosystem. Investor interest in InQubeta has increased due to its development as a contender to Bittensor. Due to its deflationary mechanism, which keeps it valuable even in volatile markets, InQubeta is a preferred option for astute investors. InQubeta rivals projects like TAO because of its real-world utility, which is why its current ICO is a huge success. The last phases of this recommended presale are now being offered to individuals who missed the early stages for a reduced price of $0.028. Take this step right now by clicking the link below and set yourself up for significant financial success.

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