GAM3S.GG and Immutable Forge Strategic Partnership to Boost Web3 Gaming Ecosystem


In a move set to revolutionize the Web3 gaming landscape, GAM3S.GG, a leading Web3 gaming onboarding and news platform, and Immutable, a pioneering Web3 gaming platform, have announced a strategic partnership. The collaboration aims to integrate key Immutable functionalities into GAM3S.GG’s platform, thereby introducing millions of players to the Immutable ecosystem.

The partnership will see the incorporation of various GAM3S.GG and Immutable zkEVM platform features. Notably, the integration of Immutable Passport and Immutable Checkout will streamline the onboarding and purchasing processes for GAM3S.GG users. Additionally, GAM3S.GG plans to fund exclusive rewards and questing services for games developed on Immutable zkEVM. The $G3 token’s integration into Immutable zkEVM promises to offer gamers and games increased choice and utility.

Robbie Ferguson, CEO of Immutable, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “It’s been clear to our team since we first started working with GAM3S.GG that we share the same goal – to spearhead the onboarding of millions of gamers into a premiere Web3 ecosystem. We’ve worked closely with them on some of our most popular titles, and now will work together with their team to create the best shared Web3 gaming ecosystem in the industry.”

Transforming the Web3 Gaming Landscape

The two companies have already embarked on joint initiatives. Earlier this year, they launched exclusive quests, community tournaments, and in-game content for Blast Royale and MetalCore, driving player growth and excitement for both games. Moreover, both companies have hinted at announcing future integrations and exclusive content in the coming months, including support for the launch of several industry-firsts in Web3 gaming.

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Omar Ghanem, CEO of GAM3S.GG, emphasized the potential of Web3 gaming, stating, “It’s clear that Web3 gaming is poised to explode, and we plan to drive this explosion alongside Immutable as a key partner. We’re incredibly excited to combine our rapidly growing Web3 gaming community with the full power of the Immutable ecosystem to bring millions of gamers into the fold and drive the next evolution of the entire games industry.”

GAM3S.GG is a Web3 gaming superapp with over 500,000 registered users. The platform curates and creates content to spotlight top games, offering reviews, guides, news, quests, annual awards, and more. Backed by prominent investors such as Mechanism Capital, Polygon Ventures, Merit Circle, and others, GAM3S.GG aims to become the go-to destination for Web3 gaming, helping onboard millions of gamers and providing them with unparalleled engagement with blockchain-powered games.

Immutable is a global leader in gaming on a mission to bring digital ownership to every player through blockchain technology. Founded in 2018 and headquartered in Sydney, Immutable boasts a team of over 250 professionals and is backed by top tech investors like Temasek, Tencent, and Coinbase. The company’s gaming platform offers pre-built solutions optimized for usability, helping developers launch successful games on Ethereum quickly and securely. Immutable was the first gaming platform to deliver a zero-knowledge (zk) scaling solution to the Ethereum community and provides developers with multiple zk-based scaling options.

Immutable Games, a division of Immutable, is a global leader in Web3 game development and publishing. The studio behind the world’s first blockbuster NFT trading-card game, Gods Unchained, is currently working on the highly anticipated mobile RPG Guild of Guardians. Immutable Games collaborates with third-party game developers, offering them strategy and execution expertise to ensure the success of every Web3 game deployed within the Immutable ecosystem.

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The partnership between GAM3S.GG and Immutable signifies a significant step forward in the evolution of Web3 gaming. By combining GAM3S.GG’s rapidly growing community and Immutable’s robust ecosystem, the collaboration aims to drive the mass adoption of Web3 gaming and set new industry standards. With future integrations and exclusive content on the horizon, the gaming community has much to anticipate from this groundbreaking partnership.

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