H2O DAO Upgraded, Bringing More Aggregated Information to Users

  • After a series of partnerships and AMAs following high-profile listing, H2O DAO is thriving in the market.
  • Yet, with the aim to empower users and offer them the most updated benefit from the industry, H2O Dao is exploring new mechanisms to boost the ecosystem. The newly upgraded system is a vivid example.

H2O is the world’s first decentralized traffic distribution platform that adopts DAO governance and provides community members with the latest blockchain industry information and industry benefits. The platform will not only help community members enjoy the dividends of industry development, spread the spirit of decentralization, and shape brand value, but also help the growth of the entire blockchain ecosystem.

H2O community has welcomed numerous investors, fans, and DeFi users in crypto-asset industry-related fields, and has a vast community base. The community is managed in a decentralized way, and the rights and obligations of the community members and the future development direction are decided by the community members together. One of the key goal of H2O is to aggregate the community and distribute benefits for users: including early testing opportunities for community-based products, project token rewards, whitelisting and other participation mechanisms.

Some key features after the system upgrade are:

  • Several wallets have been added. Before, only MetaMask can be used at the platform. After the update, new wallets of OKX, Phantom, Ronin are added, offering more payment option to users, increasing the convenience.
  • A page dedicated to display communities’ information is launched. This community information function covers over 30 communities in total. Users can find community logos, number of followers, Twitter links, introductions, etc., on the page which can help them make better decisions.
  • An industry information column is added to facilitate the H2O community to keep abreast of industry information at any time.

Recently, H2O DAO has been expanding its partnerships. At the moment, it is celebrating its 8th airdrop partner with City Tycoon Games, who is offering 50,000 $CTG tokens to the community in celebration of the partnership. 500 winners are entitled to 50,000 $CTG tokens during the campaign from April 15th till 18th. The event was a great success, marking a solid user base of H2O DAO and its development momentum.

According to the latest roadmap, H2O will be pushing forward some key elements to offer better user experience. For example, H2O Community DAO voting governance function and Quiz to learn platform in H2O community will be launched by the end of 2024, while H2O Community ecological construction will be improved in early 2025.

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