HorizonDEX Announces the Launch of Its V2 on Mainnet


HorizonDEX, the earliest concentrated liquidity offering decentralized exchange on Linea, has recently announced the launch of its next version. The platform took to its X account and disclosed the v2 launch on the mainnet, describing the development as a remarkable step in its journey to innovate the DeFi.

HorizonDEX to Release Its Exclusive Version on Mainnet

In its recent post, the company noted that the mainnet launch of its v2 will lead to exclusive opportunities. As per the firm, this endeavor will potentially assist in the advancement of decentralized finance. In addition to this, the company added that it is currently leading the respective sector from the front. It also revealed that the DeFi revolution is a part of its commitment and the latest development is its evidence.

Apart from that, the company assured the consumers that the new version will provide several benefits. According to the firm, the consumers will potentially get relatively better efficiency. Additionally, the platform will provide the top price execution across the market to facilitate the customers. In this way, the clients will potentially get rid of any issues that they have formerly experienced.

The new version of HorizonDEX takes into account Modular v4 automated market maker of Algebra. Parallel to this, the users will also enjoy the classic features that include dynamic fees and concentrated liquidity. The company intends to minimize the gas fees by nearly eighty percent. Moreover, it also focuses on enhancing the capital efficiency and many other things.

The Exchange Claims to Gradually Transition to the New Version

While easing the apprehensions of the users, the firm asserted that it will gradually transition to v2. However, the consumers can access the exclusive version right away. To make this transition happen, the firm is contacting the liquidity providers for the migration of the liquidity for further progress.

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