How to Buy Amazon Cryptocurrency

How to Buy Amazon Cryptocurrency

Amazon cryptocurrency has been gaining a lot of buzz lately among crypto investors. With Amazon rumored to be launching its own digital token, you may be wondering – how do I buy Amazon crypto?

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about investing in the anticipated Amazon coin, including:

Overview of Amazon Cryptocurrency

So what exactly is Amazon crypto all about? Let’s quickly go over the basics:

What is Amazon Cryptocurrency?

Amazon cryptocurrency is the unofficial name given to rumors that Amazon may launch its own cryptocurrency or digital token. This Amazon coin could have a variety of use cases, including:

  • Rewards for shoppers – Similar to airline miles or credit card reward points, Amazon tokens could be issued as rewards for purchases and reviews
  • Payments on Amazon – Coins may be integrated for seamless payments on Amazon’s platforms
  • Access to product launches – Special access or discounts could be given to Amazon crypto holders

AMZN Coin Launch

There has been speculation for years that Amazon will launch a native digital currency or token. Leaked job postings in 2021 suggested the company was hiring crypto experts for a “Digital and Emerging Payments” push.

However, Amazon has made no official announcements regarding an AMZN coin or definitive cryptocurrency launch plans as of early 2023. Any news or developments will be announced on Amazon’s press portal.


Since no Amazon crypto currently exists, there are no Amazon coins available for purchase yet in 2023. We will outline how to buy the rumored AMZN token if/when it does launch in the future.

Benefits of Buying Amazon Cryptocurrency

Assuming Amazon eventually launches its own cryptocurrency, what could be the potential upsides of investing? Consider:

  • Early cryptocurrency tied to one of the biggest companies
  • Built-in customer base of over 200 million Prime subscribers
  • Strong ecosystem creating natural demand
  • Rewards/discounts/access for token holders
  • If successful, coins could appreciate significantly from start

Buying-in early is crucial with any new crypto offering. Those who purchased Bitcoin in the early years (or even months) were richly rewarded. However there are of course risks of buying any speculative asset as well.

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Risks of Buying Amazon Cryptocurrency

With any new cryptocurrency launch, there is a fair degree of uncertainty whether it will gain traction or ultimately succeed. Some risks for prospective Amazon coin buyers:

  • No guarantee Amazon will launch crypto or token
  • Regulatory uncertainty remains in crypto markets
  • High volatility of new digital currencies
  • Hard to predict demand, usage, or price appreciation

As with all cryptocurrency investing, it’s important to only risk capital you can afford to lose and make your own judgments on risk versus the possible upside.

Where to Buy Amazon Cryptocurrency

When released, where will you actually be able to buy Amazon’s cryptocurrency? There are a few possibilities:

Cryptocurrency Exchanges

If Amazon issues tokens on a public blockchain such as Ethereum, major crypto exchanges like Coinbase and Binance would likely list the asset quickly. This would provide easy access for users to trade the AMZN coin. The token would need to be ERC-20 compliant for listing on Ethereum decentralized exchanges.

Examples of popular exchanges where you may be able to trade Amazon cryptocurrency include:

We recommend using well-known, regulated, secure exchanges for any crypto transactions.

Amazon Directly

Amazon may also choose to issue digital tokens directly to customers stored in an official wallet. This could allow tight integration for purchases and other activities across their platforms.

In this case, Amazon itself would likely be the only place to obtain the native AMZN coins upon launch.

Secondary Markets

If significant demand emerges for the asset, decentralized exchanges and peer-to-peer sites may also allow buyers and sellers to trade the coins. However, these carry increased risks of scams and money loss.

We advise caution when considering secondary markets to purchase Amazon crypto assets.

Step-by-Step Guide for Buying Amazon Cryptocurrency

Once Amazon formally launches a cryptocurrency or token, what will the actual process be for purchasing it?

Here is a step-by-step overview of how to buy:

Step 1) Select Exchange or Platform

As outlined above in the Where to Buy section, first decide where you want to purchase the Amazon crypto.

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This will likely be a major centralized exchange like Coinbase if available. But could also be directly via Amazon’s systems.

Evaluate fees, country restrictions, payment options, security, and other factors to determine the best platform for your needs.

Step 2) Sign Up and Verify Account

All exchanges will require you to create a user account before transacting. This allows enforcement of strict know-your-customer (KYC) rules.

Be prepared to have 2 forms of ID, proof of address, phone verification, and other measures to fully verify your account.

Step 3) Deposit Funds

Once your account is open, you’ll need to deposit fiat currency or cryptocurrency into your wallet to trade for the Amazon coins.

Exchanges support a variety of payment methods like bank transfer, debit/credit cards, PayPal, etc. Deposit via your preferred option.

Keep in mind that Bitcoin and Ethereum transactions do carry their own separate mining fees.

Step 4) Place Your Amazon Crypto Buy Order

When ready, place a buy order for the Amazon token through your chosen exchange or platform!

The process works very similar to purchasing stocks or other cryptos like Bitcoin. Just ensure you double check all transaction details before submitting.

If demand exceeds supply for a newly launched asset, expect paying a premium price in the short term. Consider setting buy limit orders at a price you’re comfortable with rather than buying at fluctuating market rates.

Step 5) Store Your Amazon Coins Securely

Once you successfully buy, your Amazon crypto will be deposited into the exchange wallet connected to your account. Make sure you enable all relevant security features like 2-factor authentication for maximum protection.

For optimal safety and control however, we recommend withdrawing your coins to a private cold storage wallet or hardware device not connected online. This prevents theft by hackers.

Popular hardware wallets include Ledger and Trezor which work with many major cryptocurrencies. Always keep your backup recovery phrases somewhere safe in case a device is lost!

And that covers the basics of how to buy Amazon cryptocurrency if and when it launches in the future!

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The Future of an Amazon Coin Cryptocurrency

Like all speculative investments, no one truly knows if or how successful an Amazon token could become in the longer term if issued. Much would depend on real-world utility and adoption by Amazon’s hundreds of millions of customers. But with Amazon’s reach, it certainly seems possible.

Other major corporations like Walmart and Target are also exploring cryptocurrency options. Facebook attempted to launch Libra (now Diem) token but faced fierce regulatory pushback.

In any case, remember to always thoroughly research any crypto project, manage risks wisely, and never invest more than you can afford to lose. The crypto markets remain highly unpredictable and volatile.

We’ll have to patiently await Amazon’s official announcements to learn more about the possibility of an AMZN coin for public investment and use. Buckle up!

Can I buy Amazon cryptocurrency now?

No, as of early 2023 Amazon has not yet launched any cryptocurrency or token available for purchase. Reports are still speculative and rumor-based. Check Amazon’s press site for official future updates.

What will the Amazon crypto be called?

There is no confirmed name yet for Amazon coin. Many investors refer to it unofficially as the AMZN coin based on the company stock ticker. There are also guesses like Amazon Coin, Amazon Token, Amazon Cryp

How much could Amazon crypto be worth?

With no tokens issued yet, there is no way to accurately predict potential valuations. As one of the largest companies on earth serving hundreds of millions of customers, an Amazon cryptocurrency could scale to be extremely valuable if executed properly and embraced by users.

Is Amazon cryptocurrency a good investment?

An Amazon crypto or token does carry major upside possibilities if the initiative succeeds. However as with all cryptocurrencies, particularly newly launched ones, it would also carry significant risk as an investment. As always we encourage researching thoroughly and investing responsibly within your means.