Hybrid Embraces AI-Driven Analytics in Collaboration with Axen Labs


Axen Labs and Hybrid have officially joined forces, marking a significant milestone in the realm of blockchain technology. Hybrid has long been recognized for its revolutionary EVM-compatible on-chain intelligence Layer 1 blockchain.

Axen Labs and Hybrid Merge for Smarter Blockchain Solutions

It is now hosting AI-driven analytics into their blockchain environment, thanks to its smooth combination with Axen Labs. Indeed, one of the primary characteristics that distinguishes Hybrid from the competition is that Hybrid has implemented artificial intelligence -surround data layers. At the core of Hybrid’s technology is Atlas, its highly advanced AI engine.

What is more, Hybrid boasts a holistic AI layer, which enables smarter, analytics-based tools for the users with a lot more knowledge. In the meantime, Hybrid has been incredibly performant and high-scaling. The low cost of transactions and the more than usual number of records that run on-chain at the same time are integrated both into the EVM codebases and in the chains politely and securely by Hybrid.

Hybrid and Axen Labs Cooperation Leads to Breakthrough in Blockchain Analytics

So, expanding the combination point provides an additional opportunity for it to perform functions. In this, Hybrid’s addition of Axen Labs to the blockchain is only helping to open up new domains. The groundbreaking technology of Axen Labs has just made Hybrid users more intelligent. After all, it provides additional perspectives and additional alternatives. Users can now get real-time information from the most modern analytics companies, which produces variable costs that can be tailored to their specific requirements.

Now, as Axen Labs and Hybrid are launching cooperation, they are unlocking all capacities of AI-driven analytics on blockchain. This unique collaboration integrates progressive technological solutions and the profound desire to develop a new age of blockchain technology. Without any doubt, a new breakthrough in solutions is expected, and new heights will be taken to the innovative future of blockchain technology.

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