Injective Announces the Launch of INJ 3.0 on Mainnet


Injective, a prominent blockchain platform, has recently announced the launch of its exclusive project. According to the company, it is officially launching INJ 3.0 on the mainnet to turn the INJ crypto token into one of the highest deflationary assets. The platform took to its official account on X to disclose the new development.

Injective to Launch the Exclusive INJ 3.0 on Mainnet with Latest Changes

The blockchain forum added that the INJ token’s supply will witness a decrease over time. As per the firm, it will decline at a faster speed. In addition to this, the company expressed its confidence in the further progress of the project. It claimed that INJ 3.0 is marking the beginning of an exclusive era to improve the consumer experience.

For the tokenomics system of INJ 3.0, the company reportedly conducted an on-chain vote for the community. As a result of this event, the community authorized the changes to the respective tokenomics mechanism. The company added that the new changes to the tokenomics system of Injective signify the biggest upgrade. In this respect, the development decreases the minting properties of the token.

Moreover, the move reportedly includes exclusive parameters to add INJ among the most deflationary crypto assets. INJ operates as the local coin of Injective which is an L1 blockchain on Cosmos and Injective Foundation supervises it. Jenna Peterson, the chief executive officer of Injective Foundation spoke on this endeavor. The executive stated that this is a further phase in the evolution of the platform.

The Project Offers Crucial Changes like INJ’s Lower and Upper Inflationary Bounds

As per the tokenomics proposal of INJ 3.0, a significant change covers the lower and upper inflationary bounds of INJ. These bounds denote the lowest and highest acceptable rates in the inflationary system. According to DeFiLlama (a crypto data tracking platform), Injective possesses $62.7M in its total value locked.

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