Inspect Integrates MultiversX Across Platform, Enhancing NFT Exploration and Insights



Inspect, a leading Web3 social intelligence platform in the crypto market, has announced the official integration of its esteemed partner, MultiversX, across its entire platform. This collaboration aims to provide users with enhanced tools and insights to explore the MultiversX ecosystem seamlessly. One of the standout features of this integration is the introduction of a dedicated collection ranking system for MultiversX-based NFT projects.

Users can now filter collections based on floor price, unique Profile Pictures (PFPs), PFPs per NFT, and community reach. This new ranking system promises to streamline the process of discovering and assessing MultiversX NFT collections, making it easier for investors and enthusiasts to identify promising projects. To start exploring MultiversX collections, users can visit the Inspect web app.

In addition, Inspect users can now gain valuable insights into community dynamics, gather social data, and assess MultiversX NFT projects directly on the platform. The platform leverages qualitative insights and transforms them into actionable information, thereby simplifying the research process within the MultiversX NFT ecosystem. Moreover, with the integration, the Inspect extension can now detect MultiversX-based NFTs directly on the timeline and highlight them with a distinct icon.


By clicking on the MultiversX icon, users can access detailed data such as NFT Rarity, Last sale data, Listing status, and Community members associated with the collection. An extension update will be rolled out shortly after this announcement to display MultiversX icons on the Inspect timeline. However, new project and profile data may take some time to populate on the platform. Inspect encourages new community members to verify their MultiversX-based NFTs on their website and download their browser extension to ensure accurate data.

Setting a New Standard

The integration of MultiversX into the Inspect platform signifies a significant step towards enhancing the NFT exploration experience and providing users with comprehensive insights into the MultiversX ecosystem. The collaboration underscores Inspect’s commitment to fostering innovation and empowering its user base with cutting-edge tools and features. This strategic partnership aims to set a new standard in the NFT industry by combining the strengths of both platforms to deliver unparalleled value to the community.

Inspect is a Web3 social intelligence platform that offers NFT artists, investors, and enthusiasts tools and insights about the NFT ecosystem on X. The platform, known for its revenue-generating protocols, aims to add value for users and promote community growth. The platform has a comprehensive web-based interface and Chrome extension, providing users with valuable insights into the NFT market, seamless community engagement, and up-to-the-minute updates on industry influencers.


MultiversX, on the other hand, is a distributed blockchain network designed for next-gen applications. With over 3000 nodes, the network is scalable through sharding and is known for its speed, security, and energy efficiency. MultiversX leverages innovative sharding and Proof of Stake consensus mechanisms, making it faster, more reliable, and more efficient than traditional blockchain solutions.

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