Announces Onboarding of IQ GPT on Ankr Network

braindigitalai, the biggest crypto and blockchain encyclopedia, has announced its latest collaboration. As per the firm, it is onboarding its IQ GPT Chatbot to the community of Ankr Network. Ankr is a Web3 infrastructure providing platform. The company sees this onboarding as a remarkable step for its further progress. Onboards Its IQ GPT Project on Ankr Network

It stated that Ankr Network operates as a decentralized platform comprising nodes. It focuses on the provision of cost-effective and flexible links to blockchains. It additionally increases the accessibility of the worldwide cloud infrastructure to facilitate Web3 developers. Ankr runs a Web3 development center with instruments for developing decentralized applications and linking to more than forty-five blockchains.

Prominent customers such as Messari, Binance, Polygon, Optimism, Tencent Cloud, and Microsoft utilize the worldwide node infrastructure of Ankr. It enables them to use the platform’s worldwide node infrastructure to rapidly link to Web3 networks. The company added that Ankr processes a significant 2T blockchain requests per annum. This plays a crucial role in pushing a huge Web3 traffic portion.

The Development Provides Cost Efficiency to Stakers and Developers

This pushes the progress toward an additionally user-centric, open, and decentralized internet experience. According to, Ankr works as a worldwide distributed firm that advances the decentralized internet with the use of DLT. This technology’s use permits it to explore the potential of computing power along with data-resource aggregation. Stakers and developers deploy the resources via cost-efficient data centers.

These facilities assist dApp development as well as deployment along with a balance staking. Apart from this, Ankr has launched a blockchain Neura that artificial intelligence (AI) has created. It gives access to several decentralized GPU-providing parties. This lets builders release and scale artificial intelligence with on-demand, affordable, and flexible compute.

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