Is Bitgert Coin the New Cryptocurrency to Watch After Bitcoin Halving?

Is Bitgert Coin the New Cryptocurrency to Watch After Bitcoin Halving?


Bitgert is growing at a pace that the crypto world had not witnessed before and people are talking about this all around the globe. The Bitgert chain has already gained over 600k members and completed over 25M transactions on the chain. Bitcoin, on the other hand, is losing its edge now as the token is getting criticism for old technology.

Bitgert’s BRISE coin, the native token, is gaining traction in the market for being the most sought-after token. This is primarily due to a lot of people investing in Bitgert’s BRISE coin for its market performance and the reliability of the Bitgert chain. The Bitgert chain is powering the BRISE coin’s surge in the market.

Let’s take a look at what has helped Bitgert’s BRISE coin grow so fast and whether you should invest in the coin or not.


The Crypto Surge of Bitgert 

Bitgert is one of the fastest-growing networks in the world and today, it has gained more followers in the least amount of time than even Bitcoin could. The Bitgert chain offers modernization of the whole blockchain ecosystem and plans to eliminate the need for centralized systems altogether.

Bitgert offers the fastest transaction speed at 100k TPS for the users and charges near zero gas fees for each transaction. These features have helped make Bitgert one of the favourites of the crypto project developers and creators. Then, the use of a combination of PoS and PoA consensus mechanisms has helped promote the security and efficiency of the Bitgert chain.

Compared to the Bitcoin network, Bitgert offers a lot more benefits to the users and that too at very little cost. This is primarily the reason that a lot of crypto projects have come over to Bitgert even though it is a new cryptocurrency network.

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BRISE Coin Effect 

The market is experiencing a crypto surge caused by Bitgert’s BRISE coin. The BRISE coin is a BRC-20 token which is compatible with the EVM for smart contracts. This has helped Bitgert’s BRISE coin to not just be a hyped-up token but actually be useful for the creators. Bitgert’s BRISE coin was introduced to the market in 2024 only and since then it has skyrocketed in the market.

Bitgert’s BRISE coin has crossed over 40,000% price rise and even during the market correction, the token was able to rise by nearly 70%. People are trusting this token because of its native chain, the Bitgert. The market performance of Bitgert’s BRISE coin is great too. The trading volume of this token is increasing with each passing day.

The RSI score and MACD value of the token indicate a positive sentiment in the market for the BRISE coin. Also, the moving average and other indicators point out a strong buy signal for Bitgert’s BRISE coin.



There are more than 25,000 cryptocurrencies in the market and Bitgert’s BRISE coin is making a name for itself through its features and the market performance. Bitcoin is losing its edge and it is safe to say that coins like Bitgert’s BRISE coin are perfect for taking over. It is predicted that Bitgert’s BRISE coin may touch $0.0001 soon which makes it much more profitable than any other currency. So, try your luck and invest in Bitgert’s BRISE coin.

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