Iskra Set to Transition to Base, Web3 Gaming’s Next Chapter


Iskra, the Web3 gaming market leader serving consumers as well as developers, is on the verge of making a substantial change. The company has declared its intention to move to Base. It is a new Ethereum L2 project backed by Coinbase and established on the open-source OP Stack. The dawn of Iskra 2.0 is promised to open up many new possibilities and benefits for its fans.

Iskra to Introduce $ISK as Universal Asset in Platform Transition

Iskra forecasted the potential of embracing the Base network in order to access a number of advantages, particularly scaling and greater speed. Therefore, in conjunction with the move to Base, Iskra wants to adopt $ISK as a universal asset within its channel and services.

Iskra envisions creating a thriving “omnichain gaming hub” as well, facilitated by smooth money dynamics and assistance for crypto payments. Moreover, customers can enjoy diverse games and projects since they can efficiently postulate and collect payments to be utilized in crypto properties at any given time.

Furthermore, Iskra seeks to provide a more rapid creation procedure for scalable gaming by optimizing its L3 structure. Iskra believes that through the utilization of a new dimension to house plus data in a different chain, safety, accurate marketability, and dependability can be maintained.

Iskra Announces Airdrop Event for Customers in Anticipation of Base Shift

Users can therefore fully concentrate on the engagement. Therefore, as the slated shift to Base approaches at the end of the April, Iskra customers can expect to see some exciting changes. Airdrop, a forthcoming event in which Iskra promises substantial quantities of money to customers, has already been authorized by Iskra.

Iskra does motivate the user, player and project leader to inform themselves right now. As a future innovation expected in the future of the blockchain game world, the shift illustrates Iskra’s resolve and commitment to giving consumers the freshest possible solutions.

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