Lumia Stream Provides Support for Arbitrum with CEX Liquidity


Lumia Stream, a popular DeFi liquidity platform, has recently announced support for the well-known crypto network Arbitrum. As a part of this partnership, Lumia Stream will offer centralized exchange liquidity to the Arbitrum ecosystem, enabling it to integrate liquidity from KuCoin, OKX, Binance, and so on. In a devoted blog post, the company disclosed the details of the latest development.

Lumia Stream Backs Arbitrum with Centralized Exchange Liquidity

As per it, this plays the role of a huge jump for the developers on Arbitrum. They can now access the most capital-effective token pricing within the crypto world. The partnership between the two entities emerges as a move towards eliminating the persistent challenges concerning conventional liquidity access. The traditional ways of getting liquidity are potentially unsustainable and a heavy dependence causes several issues.

On the other hand, the new endeavor likely provides a solution to such issues, including fragmented liquidity. The solution that Lumia Stream provides simplifies the procedure of obtaining liquidity. It makes liquidity more accessible as well as cost-efficient for the established and emerging projects within the Arbitrum ecosystem. In this respect, it leverages the cutting-edge Delta Neutral Liquidity Provision (DNLP).

The DNLP of Lumia Stream provides a market-neutral strategy and facilitates liquidity providers. Hence, the LPs pursuing minimized risk and enhanced profit potential can leverage this solution for a better experience. The DNLP of Lumia Stream is technically very efficient and possesses high capital effectiveness. Keeping that in view, it requires the least liquidity provision at the start.

In addition to this, the DNLP utilizes competitive pricing and rapid trade execution concerning the centralized exchanges. Moreover, it also leverages the adaptability and transparency of the decentralized entities. In this way, it becomes a sustainable and innovative choice. Apart from that, it provides liquidity provisions for the long term within the world of decentralized finance (DeFi).

Arbitrum Developers Can Now Enjoy an Ultra-Liquid Experience

At the moment, this development is facilitating the developers on Arbitrum with exclusive instruments. Hence, they can speed up their release strategies and outperform the other competitors within the fellow market segments. The provision of CEX liquidity by Lumia Stream on Arbitrum enables developers to go through an ultra-liquid experience with the use of Arbitrum.

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