Market Dynamics Shift as BCH Price Corrects & TON Diversifies; BlockDAG to Hit $20 by 2027 as Analysts Anticipate Upcoming Keynote


The Bitcoin Cash (BCH) price witnessed a sharp correction after a 133% surge, testing key support levels. Meanwhile, the Toncoin (TON) ecosystem diversifies with the launch of Memelandia, enhancing its appeal through innovative SocialFi and Play-to-Earn models. Not to be outdone, the BlockDAG Network announces ambitious plans with a moon-based keynote and a robust presale strategy, gearing up for its 10th batch with a price increase from $0.005 to $0.006, targeting a monumental $20 value by 2027.

BCH Price Correction: Key Support Levels after Surge

The BCH price is experiencing significant volatility recently. After a sharp increase of 133%, reaching a peak at the Fibonacci resistance level of approximately $681, the BCH price began a correction. This correction has brought the price down to key support levels around $480, with further potential support at the golden ratio of $325 if the downward trend continues. The technical indicators suggest mixed signals, with potential bearish trends in the short term, but there is a possibility of a bullish medium-term scenario if the price can stabilize and rebound from current support levels.

TON Ecosystem Enhances Diversity

The TON ecosystem is increasingly embracing memecoins, with the launch of Memelandia, a cultural hub that facilitates the creation and promotion of memecoins within the TON ecosystem. This initiative by the TON team aims to democratize the creation of such tokens, allowing even non-coders to participate using pre-made templates. 

BlockDAG’s 30,000X ROI Projection Boost Presale

With its inventive features, BlockDAG is establishing itself as a distinctive player in the crypto world, as detailed in the recently released DAGpaper. This network ecosystem enhances user interaction and blockchain engagement through platforms like the BlockDAG Explorer. This tool acts as a powerful search engine, allowing users to perform comprehensive analysis of the network by tracking real-time data and transactions, including public wallet addresses and nodes.

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The inclusion of a low-code/no-code platform is particularly transformative, enabling users with minimal coding experience to easily create and deploy utility tokens, meme tokens and NFTs. This accessibility accelerates development timelines and broadens the BlockDAG ecosystem with a variety of new projects.

Adding to its appeal is the BlockDAG Crypto Payment Card, which integrates digital assets with everyday financial transactions, offering a secure bridge between crypto and conventional spending.

BlockDAG’s ambition extends beyond Earth, as it recently released a ‘moon-based’ teaser for its upcoming keynote, highlighting its unique positioning in the crypto world. The excitement around BlockDAG is also fueled by its pricing strategy in presale batches, with the price per coin set to increase from $0.005 in the current Batch 9 to $0.006 in the upcoming batch 10. This uptick highlights BlockDAG’s goal of reaching $20 by 2027, aiming for a 30,000x ROI.


As the BCH price navigates volatility and the TON ecosystem expands with innovative meme coins, BlockDAG rules as the top cryptocurrency to buy. Its strategic growth and unique offerings, including a future-focused keynote from the moon, position it distinctly in the market. With the upcoming presale’s price set to rise from $0.005 to $0.006, and a target of $20 by 2027, investing in BlockDAG now could offer transformative returns, making it a compelling choice for crypto enthusiasts.

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