Michaël Van De Poppe Predicts Opportunity of a Lifetime With Chainlink, LTC and KANG Expected to Surge


Chainlink (LINK) has experienced an annual growth of 132.7% and according to major crypto analyst Michaël van de Poppe it can experience even more substantial gains as it is primed for the “opportunity of a lifetime”. Alongside it, Litecoin (LTC) is showcasing bullish price performance, as it briefly broke past the $100 price barrier. 

In the meantime, a lesser-known, presale-stage project has gained the attention of over 20,000 users who are now a part of its ecosystem, and that’s KangaMoon (KANG). This crypto not only raised over $4.7 million so far but spiked 290% in value. To see why this is the case, we will go over its on-chart performance. 

Chainlink (LINK) Creates an Opportunity of a Lifetime According to Michaël Van De Poppe

Chainlink (LINK) saw a major jump in value on its year-to-date (YTD) chart, as it moved upwards by 132.7%. Moreover, during the past week, the Chainlink price moved up from $16.96 to $18.62, just barely missing the $20 price barrier. 

Michaël van de Poppe, a major crypto analyst called it the “opportunity of a lifetime”, at this price point. As a result, the sentiment behind the Chainlink crypto is massive, as it could soon experience a major price uptrend. According to the Chainlink price prediction, it can end 2024 at $26.98.

Litecoin (LTC) Grows Over $100 – Price to Reach $146.62 in 2024

Litecoin (LTC) also experienced substantial price gains which positioned it as one of the most exciting projects for 2024. Specifically, the Litecoin price moved above the $100 price barrier.

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Throughout the past week, the Litecoin crypto moved up from $94.96 to $105.64, and retraced to $95. However, sentiment is bullish on its future, as the RSI and MACD data are positive. According to the Litecoin price prediction, the crypto can end 2024 at $146.62.

KangaMoon (KANG) to Spike 100x Following the Completion of Its Blockchain ICO

KangaMoon (KANG) has been dominating the charts especially with the rapid increase in appeal and momentum of its blockchain ICO as its spiked 290% in value. Specifically, this platform has gained a substantial level of attention as it moved up due to the increased appeal in its  Social-Fi elements, community-driven approach, and even implements Play-to-Earn (P2E) features.

In addition, throughout its ecosystem, anyone can create their own character and engage in boxing gameplay. Here, they have the opportunity to build up their character or unlock further unique abilities, and then challenge other players to test their skills in battle. Each player can win rewards which come in various forms.. For example, they can get KANG tokens, or NFTs as a reward. These NFTs can then be bought, sold or traded on top of its dedicated marketplace.

In addition, the presale has raised over $4.7 million and is expected to pass the $5 million mark. Sentiment is bullish on its future, and analysts are projecting a 100x price increase at launch, making it the best cryptocurrency to buy now.


While Chainlink has been dominating the charts, it’s also caught the attention of a major crypto analyst, and this can push the market sentiment on its future even further. In addition, the Litecoin crypto has seen substantial gains as-well, as it can reach new heights in 2024. But KangaMoon has gained the most attention fueled by its vast ecosystem and high growth potential. 

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