Michael Van De Poppe Says Arbitrum Is Good To Buy, KANG and INJ Also Show Impressive Numbers


Due to the anticipated price increase for the majority of altcoins this season, many investors think that some cryptocurrency that are currently in a downward trend are simply consolidating before undergoing a significant breakout. A renowned crypto trader, Michael de van Poppe recently highlighted on X, how the decline in Arbitrum (ARB) token presents an enticing investment opportunity. 

Just like Arbitrum, Injective (INJ) token also came down from a significantly high price as it presents an investment opportunity for those anticipating a potential rebound. Meanwhile, the token set to revolutionize the meme coin market, KangaMoon (KANG) is showing massive investment potential due to its outstanding performance and unique gameplay incentives.

Michael van de Poppe Hints On Arbitrum (ARB) Potential to Garner Profits With Its Decline

Currently the Arbitrum token is pricing lower than it did in previous weeks. The token has lost value by over 23% in the past week and over 37% in the past month. While Arbitrum holds in a weekly price range of $0.9486 and $1.58, according to a recent X post, Michael van de Poppe thinks the current low prices is only an BTS to its further rise, thereby showcasing a good entry point for investment.

Arbitrum has hit an ATH at $2.39 three months ago, and considering Bitcoin’s bullish influence, the token might surpass its ATH this Q2 after Bitcoin’s halving. Ultimately, Arbitrum stands as a top crypto to buy this year for significant gains.

KangaMoon (KANG) Will Potentially Turn Take Over The Meme Coin Market

KangaMoon (KANG) is experiencing remarkable growth in the Stage 5 of its token presale, surpassing expectations with nearly $5 million already raised in funding milestones and an anticipated $6 million by the end of April. This success is, however, fueled by a rapidly-growing community, boasting over 20,000 registered users and more than 6,000 token holders.

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What sets KangaMoon apart and contributes significantly to its growth is its unique ecosystem dubbed “Kangaverse”. Here, participants can take control of KangaMoon characters and engage in battle contests with other players or even participate in tournaments. These activities allow users to earn KANG tokens and other high-value in-game collectibles, which can be traded on the dedicated marketplace, further adding to the appeal of the ecosystem and gaining traction in the DeFi market.

Meanwhile, analysts are particularly bullish on KangaMoon’s potential, projecting a 10x price increase at launch for KANG. This optimism stems from the project’s innovative features, including SocialFi and GameFi elements. These features create an immersive Kangaverse where participants not only play but also earn rewards through the Play-to-Earn (P2E) mechanism.

Furthermore, early investors in KangaMoon have already locked in significant rewards, with KANG’s value soaring from its initial offering of $0.005 to $0.0196, marking a substantial 290% increase. As KangaMoon gears up to enter the booming P2E gaming industry, and list on a Tier-1 CEX in Q2, experts anticipate a further exponential growth of about 100x by the end of 2024.

Injective (INJ) Drops To Lower Levels Indicating Buying Signals

During the past few weeks, Injective dropped from its previous high as the token is reflecting a 42.23% drop in the past month and over 28.40% drop in the past week. Meanwhile, this decline came right after Injective hit an ATH of $52. 

However, despite recent setbacks, Injective has been maintaining a weekly price range between $20.98 and $35.82. As a result, there is strong anticipation that Injective will surpass its ATH in the second quarter (Q2). This presents a promising opportunity for investors who choose to buy and hold Injective tokens now, as it has the potential to yield significant investment profits.

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