Milei Moneda Sets Sights on $1, Outpacing FLOKI and PEPE Raises Millions on Presale

  • Presale gains, among other benefits, make Milei Moneda ($MEDA) the best new crypto to invest in.
  • Coin burn sends FLOKI soaring.
  • Whale action causes sell pressure on PEPE.

Analysts say Milei Moneda ($MEDA) could reach $1 during this bull cycle. Meanwhile, FLOKI burns 2% of its supply. At the same time, PEPE whales take profit after the recent rally. 

Why are analysts bullish on $MEDA? And how have these developments affected FLOKI and PEPE’s fortunes? Let’s find answers!

Analysts Predict Massive $MEDA Surge

Milei Moneda has recently dominated conversations among crypto enthusiasts because of its successful ongoing presale. Investors can purchase $MEDA at $0.010 in Stage 1 of the presale and earn a 100% profit when the token becomes $0.020 at launch. 

The certainty of this profit has led to FOMO among investors, with Milei Moneda selling over 41 million $MEDA tokens in a short time. This increasing interest has led experts to predict that $MEDA could reach $1 quickly after launch. Also, 5% of $MEDA’s supply will be burned, adding to the possibility of this predicted surge.

Interestingly, Milei Moneda investors will still enjoy other benefits. They can vote on proposals, access the coolest NFTs, and earn NFT staking rewards and discounts. 

They also become a part of the exciting Milei Moneda community. The community has branches on Discord, Reddit, and X. Community members interact with each other and participate in Q&A sessions and regular giveaways.

Importantly, investors’ funds are protected through smart contract audits, locked liquidity, zero team allocation, and no transaction taxes.

190 Billion FLOKI Burned

On March 2, 2024, a proposal to burn 190 billion FLOKI, valued at $24 million at the time, was passed. The FLOKI DAO overwhelmingly passed the proposal, as 90% of voters voted in favor of the burn. According to the proposal, this amount of FLOKI represented 2% of the supply. 

The tokens that were burned originated from the Multichain Bridge. This is coming after a $130 million hack saw Multichain crash. One of FLOKI’s developers stated that the tokens had been withdrawn from the bridge before the crash and held in a secure wallet. 

Since the tokens were burned, FLOKI has gained 141%, rising from $0.000087 to $0.000210. Locking away the tokens forever reduced circulation, created scarcity, and drove FLOKI’s price up.

Analysts also predict that the increased interest could pump FLOKI to $0.000975 within the next year. Even if FLOKI reaches this milestone, experts say that $MEDA has the potential to reach the coveted $1 mark much faster than FLOKI.

Whales Take Profits After PEPE Surge

On March 30, it was reported that a PEPE whale had made a massive 400% profit after cashing in on a recent PEPE surge. 

According to the report, the whale had bought 1.2 trillion PEPE, valued at $1.88 million, from Binance in the last four days of February. He then waited and sold 500 million of his PEPE holdings a month later at $3.91 million. According to on-chain information, he still holds 500 million PEPE.

At the time of this report, the whale had made $7.69 million on his initial PEPE purchase. This is a 407% gain.

However, since the whale took profit, PEPE has lost 5.1%, falling from $0.0000077 to $0.0000073. This is expected because a large sell-off from a large holder can trigger selling pressure as traders rush to sell their tokens, too.

Despite this, analysts say PEPE might remain at $0.0000073 for the foreseeable future if the sell-off persists

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