Mina Protocol Launches ‘httpz’


Spearheaded by the innovative collaboration of zero-knowledge proofs and the Mina Protocol, ‘httpz’ ushers in an era of secured, verifiable online interactions. Will Cove, the Head of Community at Mina Foundation, shared insights into the dwindling trust across the web and presented ‘httpz’ as the beacon of reliability in the digital realm.

Zero-knowledge proofs (ZKPs) emerge as the heralds of a new internet age, proposing a solution to the crisis of confidence plaguing the online world. ZKPs aim to reinstate trust in the veracity of data without revealing underlying details, mirroring the role of encryption in securing data transmission. This technology aspires to realign the internet with its decentralised roots, prioritising protocols over platforms.

‘Httpz’ represents a transformative vision for the internet, enabling users to independently create, share, and validate information proofs without relying on intermediaries. Building on the legacy of HTTPS, ‘httpz’ introduces a proof layer enhancing data verification and source authenticity, fostering direct trust in information over the platforms that host it.

How ‘httpz’ Works

At the heart of ‘httpz’ lies a proof layer powered by local proof generation through zero-knowledge applications (zkApps) and consolidation via the Mina blockchain. zkApps facilitate the creation of proofs for any standardised dataset or computation, promoting data validity without disclosure. These proofs, either stored on a device or validated on the Mina blockchain, offer a comprehensive ‘proof of everything’, ensuring data integrity in a public and accessible manner.

The Mina Protocol is uniquely positioned to host the ‘httpz’ proof layer, primarily due to its capability to handle billions of succinct proofs daily through recursion. This efficiency simplifies user interaction with proofs, focusing on their validity rather than their creation process. Mina’s adaptability ensures it remains at the forefront of secure and fair digital verifications, serving as a universal API for ‘httpz’.

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