Moomoo onboards 100,000 Malaysian clients in six weeks

Moomoo Malaysia has surpassed the milestone of 100,000 clients within just six weeks of its launch, the retail brokerage brand of Futu Holdings announced.

Having become the most downloaded financial app in Malaysia, Moomoo now exerts dominance over the financial brokerage space in the country.

Since its debut, moomoo has attracted over 200,000 Malaysian users to its platform, of which 80% are predominantly tech savvy and digitally native young adults, according to the firm.

Stocks, ETFs, REITs, warrants from US and Malaysia markets

Moomoo offers access to global markets, including stocks, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), REITs, Warrants, and more from the US and Malaysia market within a single unified platform.

The online broker has recently partnered with Nasdaq to offer Malaysian investors exclusive access to Nasdaq TotalView, a real-time data feed that provides the deepest insights available into market orders.

Nasdaq TotalView enables informational equality through access to professional-grade data and enhances retail investors’ ability to make informed trading decisions.

Moomoo wants to lead the Malaysian market

Ivan Mok, CEO of Moomoo Malaysia, said: “Working with Nasdaq allows us to equip our clients with comprehensive and real-time market data previously available only to a select few. This level of insight is crucial for making informed decisions in today’s fast-moving markets and is a game-changer for our users.”

“Looking ahead, we will continue to innovate and introduce more features and services tailored to Malaysian investors. The personal finance landscape is evolving rapidly, driven by technological advancements and changing investor expectations. We are committed to enhancing the investment experience with smarter tools and deeper insights. Our mission is to not only grow with the Malaysian market but to lead it, shaping the future of investing in the region.”

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Beyond traditional trading, the platform integrates comprehensive educational resources, making complex financial concepts accessible to everyone from seasoned traders to novices. In addition to its educational initiatives, moomoo empowers “social investing” by establishing an interactive, real-time online community within the app, known as the ‘Moo community’. This platform supports learning and interaction among Malaysian investors, with access to over 1,000 experts and a global community of 22 million investors.

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