Naoris Protocol Raises $11.5M From Prominent Investors to Expand Mesh-Based Cybersecurity Network

Naoris Protocol Raises $11.5M From Prominent Investors to Expand Mesh-Based Cybersecurity Network

In order to deliver an MVP by the end of 2022, Naoris Protocol, a unique cybersecurity network that uses an AI-based risk management system and a mesh-based decentralised validator structure, has secured $11.5M from the world’s top investors.

Many well-known technology investors, such as Draper Associates (founded by Tim Draper), Holt Xchange, Holdun Opportunity Fund, Brendan Holt Dunn, Holdun Family Office, SDC Management, Expert Dojo, Uniera, Level One Robotics, and multiple individual angels provided the funding.

Tim Draper, Founding Partner, Draper Associates said:

“Naoris Protocol is creating a unique distributed cybersecurity solution. The team at Naoris sees an enormous market opportunity in cybersecurity and we at Draper Associates are thrilled to be part of their journey.”

With the Naoris Protocol, remote-first and decentralized companies may have access to cybersecurity solutions. Zero trust architectures benefit from its Decentralized Cybersecurity Mesh technology, which is able to protect all devices and networks from all types of attacks. The peer-to-peer design and trustless verification of the blockchain are key advantages of the decentralized mesh. The NIST SP-207 Zero Trust Architecture-compliant decentralized validator-based framework makes it possible to monitor and enforce software and hardware policies. Using the Naoris Blockchain, proof of trust may be recorded in a way that is both private and verifiable.

The Naoris Protocol is a cybersecurity defensive system that works in conjunction with the ones already in place. With its Hyperstructure-inspired network, it is able to identify security failures in minutes rather than days or months, making it ideal for spotting and verifying enforcement. It is possible to share threat information and intelligence in near real-time by joining Naoris Protocol, and one may also make a contribution by running the Naoris Protocol daemon.

Using a Decentralized Proof of Security (dPoSec) consensus method, each validator in the Naoris Protocol network monitors and protects the value of the networks it covers. A distributed consensus and the Cybersecurity Mesh technology allow for early detection of events and the subsequent recovery of up to 90% of the value lost as a result of individual cybersecurity breaches.

By the end of 2022, an MVP of the Naoris Protocol should be live. It is anticipated that the whole product will be available for use by customers in the financial, industrial, civil infrastructure and healthcare sectors, as well as nation state organizations, by the middle of 2023.

David Carvalho, CEO of the Naoris Protocol, said:

“Our vision is to leverage the cryptographic power of the many through blockchain to fundamentally change how trust happens between devices and applications on the internet, from individual users to businesses and critical spaces by creating a machine-economy backed cybersecurity enforcement protocol that’s unstoppable, permissionless, and credibly neutral.”

Holdun Family Office CEO and Chairman Brendan Holt Dunn stated:

“We have had the pleasure of working with David for almost two years now, and have never ceased to be amazed by his intelligence, and commitment to the business. He has built, along with Monica, an amazing company, one that fits a unique and extremely important need across all businesses globally, and we are honored to be associated with him and excited to see how our investment will help Naoris Protocol achieve such important goals. We will stop at nothing to provide the support and financial resources required to bring Naoris to the forefront of the Cybersecurity industry in Web2 and Web3. Naoris Protocol has our unwavering support and commitment.”

Gustavo Albanesi, CSO of Uniera VC, said:

“As one of the leading crypto Venture Capital firms in Latin America, Uniera is always looking for businesses with disruptive blockchain-based solutions. Naoris Protocol lines up perfectly with our investment thesis, which is to back robust and disruptive solutions with a highly professional and qualified team. It is Uniera’s view that Naoris will be one of the blockchain-based companies to play a significant role in the widely interconnected Web3 world.”

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