New Cryptocurrency Project Mega Dice (DICE) Launches Public Token Presale

New Cryptocurrency Project Mega Dice (DICE) Launches Public Token Presale


Mega Dice, a renowned blockchain casino, has announced the upcoming launch of its own cryptocurrency, $DICE, at presale. 

Having gone live to the public today, it raised a whopping $300K in its opening hours, reflecting a tremendous nod of approval from the investor community.

The launch focuses on growth and adding value to its ecosystem, introducing a new domain of utility and avant-garde tokenomics for lasting success.


The presale is available on the Solana, Ethereum, and BSC networks, ensuring accessibility for all market participants. 

Currently, investors can buy the $DICE presale at its lowest-ever price of $0.069, but this will incrementally rise throughout the campaign. The next uptick will come when 14.7 million $DICE are sold. So far, investors have bought 4.7 million DICE tokens.

Gambling Powerhouse to Crypto Juggernaut

A rare opportunity is at play amid the Mega Dice token presale. Unlike most early-stage cryptocurrencies, Mega Dice is already a revenue-generating business and one of the market’s most dominant crypto casinos.


Indeed, this illustrates the team’s adeptness, industry understanding, and reliability. But more importantly, it swings the odds in presale investors’ favor, with $DICE likely to be a winner.

However, with 50,000 players on the platform, 40,000 games from top providers, and $50 million in monthly wagers, smart money will not let the $DICE presale sit around for long.

Adding to the excitement, gambling influencers are on board with the Mega Dice platform. 


For instance, Goalorious, who boasts over 140K YouTube subscribers, published a video describing Mega Dice as “an immersive gaming experience filled with excitement and big wins.”

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Given the $DICE presale’s recency, influencers have yet to cover the new token. However, a new influx of hungry degen investors will likely flood the ICO once they do. 

Rolling the Dice For 100X Gains

With Mega Dice’s prominence, the new $DICE token offers an ingenious way to extrapolate the platform’s value, providing prospective investors exposure to one of the industry’s hottest gambling platforms.


Other crypto casinos have exploded in recent months. Rollbit Coin (RLB) ignited the trend in 2023 when it jumped to a $700 million market cap in a matter of months. 

Following on, TG Casino exploded after its presale, rising from its ICO price of $0.17 to a high of $0.86.

However, Mega Dice offers much more in tokenomics and on-platform benefits, hinting at unparalleled capital appreciation potential.


Mega Dice Utility and Tokenomics 

With Mega Dice, users get a share of rewards based on the casino’s performance: the more successful the casino, the more holders receive. 

In addition, the token is seamlessly integrated into the ecosystem for exclusive access to new features, rewards, and benefits. There are also limited edition NFTs, early bird bonuses, and a referral program at play.

According to its website, Mega Dice has a capped supply of 420,000,000 tokens, with 35% allocated to the presale. Another 15% is allocated to an upcoming airdrop, 15% to exchange liquidity, 15% to the $DICE pool, 10% to staking rewards, 5% to marketing, and 5% to affiliates.


Intertwining a cutting-edge token economy with one of the hottest crypto gambling titans sets a bullish precedent for this new presale.

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That said, the discounted $DICE price of $0.069 is on a first-come, first-served basis. And having raised over $300K so far, it may not last long.

So don’t miss the Mega Dice presale. Follow the project on X or join its Telegram for the latest updates. Alternatively, visit its website to buy $DICE.

Visit Mega Dice Presale

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