Ocean Enterprise Collective Launches to Transform Data and AI Ecosystems


The Ocean Protocol is excited to launch the Ocean Enterprise Collective (OEC). This groundbreaking non-profit association brings together international organizations from eight countries across nine different industries, including aerospace, agriculture, energy, health, human resources, manufacturing, mobility, and the public sector.

Ocean Enterprise is the latest iteration of Ocean Protocol, enhanced to meet the specialized needs of enterprise environments. This version focuses on robust data management and AI application deployment, ensuring data sovereignty and introducing enterprise-ready features that streamline data sharing, monetization, and collaboration across diverse sectors.

Who Stands to Gain?

Businesses that prioritize data as a strategic asset will find Ocean Enterprise invaluable. From manufacturing to healthcare, this platform aims to transform data into a pivotal resource that drives growth and innovation by leveraging data-driven insights.

Ocean Enterprise supports secure data sharing, monetization, and the breakdown of informational silos. It connects enterprises to a global network of data and AI services, facilitating generative AI model training and federated analytics to maximize data potential.

Scheduled for release at the end of Q3 2024, Ocean Enterprise v1 includes features like Self Sovereign Identity, Data Space Interoperability, and a Cloud Agnostic Design. The roadmap extends to Q4 2025, promising advanced asset encryption, improved IP licensing, and significant user experience enhancements leading to superior Compute-to-Data capabilities.

Ocean Enterprise’s governance rests with the Ocean Enterprise Collective, which emphasizes transparency, inclusivity, and balanced representation. This collective governance allows members to directly influence the platform’s strategic direction, aligning it closely with their specific industry requirements and standards.

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