Octoblock Pushes Boundaries By Airdropping USDC Rewards To Holders, Can XRP Keep Up?

The ground-breaking Octoblock’s USDC airdrop rewards are a bold step driving the new DeFi challenge redefining the cryptocurrency arena. Octoblock leverages the stability and utility of USDC to provide comprehensive value to OCTO holders. As Octoblock’s strategy hits the ground running, questions abound about whether XRP can manage the OCTO pace.

XRP Lawsuit

Ripple (XRP) strives for digital real-time settlement and transfers for all assets, whether fiat or crypto. Its efficiency and scalability are a plus for cross-border dealings. However, the XRP lawsuit with the SEC has dragged Ripple into the courts for over three years. XRP News keeps investors informed with updates on the XRP lawsuit. However, there were no new developments to consider in Ripple’s opposition brief. XRP faces a suit for violating securities laws and could be penalized. Investors are closely watching the penalty. Nonetheless, clarity on whether XRP and other altcoins are commodities or securities will be settled.

Octoblock (OCTO): Enriching Octo Holders’ Portfolio

Octoblock is a platform of firsts, pioneering many packages that redefine new DeFi platforms. It focuses on philanthropy and profitability.

A purchase of OCTO tokens through its ICO at a discounted price of $0.038, entitles holders to a bag of interesting goodies. Holders are entitled to a 12% bonus, the Tesla draw, and participation in its USDC airdrops reward system. On the purchase of OCTO tokens, the platform records and invests the funds through the high APY ICO staking. The Nautilus Trove, Octoblock’s platform in charge of profit generation and distribution applies Beefy Finance concepts to maintain a high APY. The OCTO platform depicts the current APY of 185.5% on its platform. Octoblock airdrops USDC rewards to all ICO participants on Mondays every week. The reward is airdropped to wallets as registered during the account opening. The APY rate commensurates the current OCTO price performance during the ICO stage in focus. The platform, still in its early stages, has seen a disbursement of $1750 rewards with a TVL of $27,394. Nautilus Trove strives to maintain sustainable profits and prevent APY from going below 10%.

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The Nautilus generated profits also go into projects supporting environmental conservation and allocate 5%. OCTO’s Tentacle Trust is particularly interested in carbon reduction through EVs and rewards one winner with the 2024 Model.

ICO holders can also participate in monthly rewards determined through snapshot timing. The scheme strives to reward ICO holders with gratitude for their support and trust by investing in Octoblock. The monthly rewards are organized under the Saltwater Sweepstake event.

Octoblock’s quest for investor benefit and enrichment is enhanced by its other strategies as defined by the roadmap, such as cFyF and Coral Cove DEX. Crowd Funded Yield Farming (cFyF) encourages a collaborative approach to achieving profitability and governance. The Coral Cove DEX will conceive an interoperable platform across hundreds of cryptocurrencies and blockchains.

Further reading materials here:

Buy OCTO: https://reef.octoblock.io/register

Website: https://octoblock.io/


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