OKX Ventures Invests in Privasea to Revolutionize Data Infrastructure with DePIN and AI Technology



OKX Ventures has strategically invested in Privasea, a DePIN and AI technology-driven data infrastructure platform, to address the rising need for high-quality data. The unique technology solution from Privasea facilitated by its DePIN approach helps ensure that data privacy and security are maintained while the AI is used for computation.

Privasea’s Encrypted Data Exchange Ensures Total Privacy

The revolutionary Fully Homomorphic Encryption technology gives Privasea a distinct edge over competitors due to its capacity to conduct computations on encrypted data. This technology is groundbreaking because it maintains the confidentiality of information during the computation.

Privasea sends and receives encrypted data back and forth, and such a setup ensures that third parties in the network fetching the computation do not see the computation at any given time.


Privasea’s Testnet has already launched, a platform for the user to test various models in the prediction of email and classification. Using machine learning algorithms, the prediction of email improves day by day, which makes Privasea versatile and can continuously improve and adapt to many use cases.

Dora Yue Foresees Privasea Revolutionizing Data Management

OKX Ventures’ Founder Dora Yue exclaimed their excitement about the investment in Privasea, noting the importance of robust data protection solutions. She observed that Privasea is solving a significant addressable market of data security and privacy, especially with rising threats and compliance requirements.

Additionally, Dora Yue noted the impact Privasea can have on the user experience with data and computing power. She said that Privasea would unite fragmented processes and enhance the computing process on things. At the end, it will promote efficient data and privacy management.


Looking into the future, Dora Yue asserted the importance of upcoming Privasea Artificial Intelligence AI network innovations. These include a secure way to share files, a way to do face recognition with privacy in mind, and a better Know Your Customer KYC process.

Dora Yue also remarked that Privasea can innovate AI modeling. It facilitates good decision-making that will be the order of the day moving forward, considering that web3 is AI powered. OKX Ventures’ investment in Privasea is a strategic investment with a vision to drive privacy and security for data transactions in the digital space.

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