Onboarding the Next Billion Users onto Web3: Exclusive Interview with Coinweb.com’s CEO, Shawn Munir

Onboarding the Next Billion Users onto Web3: Exclusive Interview with Coinweb.com's CEO, Shawn Munir

Web3 is experiencing significant growth and is predicted to have 1.5 billion users by 2027. This will lead to 10% of the world’s GDP being stored on blockchain technology, amounting to a $13.4 trillion USD market. 

Blockchain and crypto can be daunting for newcomers, and misinformation is increasingly problematic across sectors. For the next billion people to be onboarded, there’s a need for trustworthy, actionable sources of information. 

That is why, Coinweb.com emerges as your trusted Web3 guide, filtering out the noise and allowing you to research Web3 concepts easily. This is done with the help of AI and expert-verified knowledge to provide reliable, actionable recommendations you can trust.  

In this interview with Shawn Munir, Co-Founder and CEO, I want to explore the project further and gain his perspective on the industry.

1. What is Coinweb.com, and what are its primary objectives?

Coinweb.com is a powerful web3 search engine where users find and compare the best financial products in crypto. We’re helping the next billion users to navigate the overload of information in the Web3 space and provide them with accurate and reliable information in seconds (not 30 minutes). 

Our main goal is to simplify the industry for the mass market by combining AI technology with expert knowledge. Coinweb.com will become the go-to advisor for new and existing products. 

2. Can you briefly explain the unique features and competitive advantages that set Coinweb.com apart from other platforms in the market?The Coinweb.com team and its expert associates are web3 natives. Some of our notable experts who are verifying the content include; Philip Lord (President of Oobit), Sam Khazemian (Founder of Frax), Sachi Kimya (Polygon), and other industry veterans.Our AI model allows users to search and learn about concepts and receive accurate and helpful answers verified by experts within seconds. We also have a rigorous content process which ensures that all information provided is of the highest quality. 

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3. Can you discuss the team’s previous accomplishments in the tech industry or related fields?

I’m confident that our team can compete head-to-head with the leaders in the industry. We have specific expertise in bringing products to market and successfully steer them.

Our Head of Growth, Shyla Khan, previously served as comms lead for the leading blockchain protocol Polkadot.My co-founder, Sam Farao, has 20+ years of experience in SEO and has exited two similar companies to Coinweb.com. I also co-founded a project called Presail (a VC management platform) and have personally invested in 130+ Web3 startups, which have given me an in-depth understanding of blockchains’ evolving landscape.

4. What kind of traction are you seeing so far? How are readers responding to Coinweb.com?

After six months, we’re already reaching a global audience with 50,000 unique monthly visitors. We recently launched our US and Scandinavian sites and will be scaling to Asian countries. We’re growing 33% every month, putting us on track to reach 3 million monthly visitors in the next two years. 

As we continue to grow our team, scale our content creation, form strategic partnerships, and continuously improve the experience for our readers, we’re confident in carving out our space in this $51B market. 

5. Who have you partnered with in the crypto space so far?

Amongst our 200+ partners are some of the biggest names in crypto, including Binance, Coinbase, Kraken, Crypto.com, Stake, and Ledger.

6. Can you provide an overview of Coinweb.com’s future plans and strategic initiatives?

We have an ambitious roadmap for the next 12 months. Currently raising a seed round that we’ll invest in developing our AI-powered search engine, scaling our content efforts, and launching additional regional sites. 

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Our goal with incorporating AI is to provide our expert-verified answers in seconds and offer a virtual advisor to guide newcomers to the space. We won’t be moving to mass-produced AI content; quality is our top priority, but rather, we will help readers find what they need in our knowledge base. 

We also plan to launch Coinweb Pro as a long-term project that will offer premium tools, analytics, insights, and community access. 

Crypto is a community-driven space, so we’re looking to prioritize that as we grow, getting involved in more events and providing as much value as we can to our audience and partners. 

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.


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