Ordz Games Launches First Gamefi + DEPIN Device in Hong Kong and Paris


New gaming handheld BitBoy lets players earn Bitcoin while playing on a DEPIN network built for gaming.

Blockchain-based gaming platform Ordz Games has unveiled its revolutionary handheld gaming device, BitBoy One, at Hong Kong Web3 Gaming Expo, followed by a launch event at Paris Blockchain Week.

Inspired by the first-generation Nintendo Game Boy from 1989, the BitBoy, a portmanteau of “Bitcoin” and “Game Boy”, rocks a sleek translucent orange design, aims to bring web3 gaming to the new age of DEPIN, offering a unique blend of nostalgia, innovation, and community. Players can earn Bitcoin through retro-style play-to-earn games, diving back into their childhoods.

Through BitBoy’s native applications connected to the Bitcoin blockchain, users can play a wide variety of video games that are forever inscribed on the Bitcoin blockchain as ordinals. Choices range from HTML games to on-chain emulators and ROM.

BitBoy is also capable of playing any retro game released before the PlayStation 1 era via off-chain emulation, which is tracked and synced with the cloud to be rewarded with tokens and NFTs.

Challenge your friends with its built-in multiplayer support via Bluetooth. Play two- or four-player retro games, or even MMORPGs through WiFi connectivity, opening up entirely new worlds of possibilities for community and competition.

But the BitBoy is much more than an old-school gaming fanatic’s dream handheld — it’s also a fully functional hardware wallet, supporting popular Bitcoin wallet apps such as Xverse and Unisat. Users can then manage wallets from inside the BitBoy to earn, collect, trade and swap directly from the device.

BitBoy also serves as mining machines powering a Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Network (DEPIN), where users can earn points and farm airdrops by simply having the device running.

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The device also comes with NFC compatibility for future trading card games. The device will support physical-digital crossover experiences, like scanning trading cards to play within the device, seamlessly blending the physical and digital gaming worlds.

BitBoy is a device that exists both physically and virtually – every device comes bundled with a one-to-one 3D rendering of the physical device in the form of ordinal inscriptions, which can be viewed inside a VR headset like the Apple Vision Pro, and will be playable on the project’s website.

BitBoy represents a big leap forward for web3 gaming, and introduces players to the world of cryptocurrencies in a fun and engaging way, with the potential to onboard millions through gaming and the power of nostalgia.

About Ordz Games

Ordz Games is a blockchain-based gaming platform that offers reward-based games with crypto support. Launched in March 2023, it was the first gaming project on Bitcoin and already boasts the largest gaming community on the Bitcoin blockchain with over 120,000 wallets that have played its games. Its platform provides ordinal inscriptions with retro games and offers a social gaming platform based on crypto trading, allowing users to earn crypto for playing video games.

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