P2P.org Unveils Innovative DVT-Powered Restaking in Collaboration with SSV Network


P2P.org, a leading non-custodial staking service, has unveiled a cutting-edge restaking product that leverages the SSV Network and EigenLayer technology. This innovative solution allows institutional clients to tap into a lucrative restaking APY while operating within a secure and highly decentralized ecosystem.

The new restaking product merges SSV’s Distributed Validator Technology (DVT) with EigenLayer’s restaking capabilities. This synergy offers staking clients an impressive APR of over 5.6%. Participants can reap rewards by aiding in the security of Ethereum and layer2 chains through restaking.

DVT and restaking have emerged as pivotal factors propelling the multi-billion dollar Ethereum staking industry. P2P.org‘s integration of these technologies paves the way for institutional clients to harness the full potential of these trends without adding complexity or elevating risk.

Matrixport, a Hong Kong-based provider of crypto financial products, is the inaugural major client to adopt P2P.org’s DVT-powered restaking product. The service is designed to be user-friendly, offering institutional clients a straightforward restaking experience.

Jonathan Tse, Head of Treasury at MatrixPort, commented: “It’s intriguing to observe Ethereum’s shift towards a more collaborative model for node operators, aiming for equal rewards for all stakers. However, the rapid evolution of technology continually introduces new solutions to address emerging challenges and I appreciate how P2P.org offers a swift and comprehensive solution that incorporates MEV delay, SSV, and restaking all within a unified platform.”

Strengthening the Ecosystem

P2P.org’s restaking solution represents one of the pioneering institutional use cases leveraging DVT technology. This innovation is instrumental in bolstering Ethereum staking and fortifying the entire EVM ecosystem against potential attacks.

SSV.Network, an open-source protocol, serves as the backbone of this infrastructure. It offers a permissionless design that allows any entity to utilize the network’s staking technology for creating DVT-powered staking applications and services. SSV.Network is renowned for providing scalable and user-friendly infrastructure tailored for developers.

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Founded in 2018, P2P.org has been at the forefront of providing secure non-custodial staking services for professional investors. The platform enables token holders to engage in staking activities without the complexities associated with running a node.

The launch of P2P.org’s DVT-powered restaking product marks a significant milestone in the Ethereum staking landscape. By integrating SSV Network and EigenLayer technology, P2P.org is poised to drive the adoption of restaking among institutional clients while showcasing the transformative potential of DVT in creating secure, decentralized, and compliant staking solutions.

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