Permissionless Capital Opens Applications For Web3 Startups Opportunities Event

Permissionless Capital Opens Applications For Web3 Startups Opportunities Event

Web3 startup and investor networking platform Permissionless Capital is calling for applications for an event that would provide eligible companies with the resources needed to bring their products to the market.

According to a press release seen by CryptoPotato, applications for the Permissionless Opportunities event have begun and will last till May 1.

Permissionless Capital Unveils Opportunities Event

The Permissionless Opportunities event gives eligible wWb3 startups tools, connections, and funds to navigate the blockchain space and launch their products. In partnerships with leading entities like Solana, ImmutableX, and Chainlink, it gamifies the fundraising process of companies on track to fulfilling their potential.

Permissionless Capital designed the event as a game show with audience participation, where judges and community consensus determine winners.

Through the program, the firm looks to bring the next generation of Web3 companies to the limelight while offering outstanding applicants resources for optimizing their businesses.

“The largest event of its kind for web3 and blockchain startups, Permissionless Opportunities gamifies the fundraising process and empowers outstanding companies to fulfill their potential. The program promises to shine a light on the next generation of web3 companies while giving the best applicants everything they require to optimize their prospects of success,” the company said.

Applying for the Permissionless Opportunities Event

The Opportunities event targets Web3 startups in the decentralized finance (DeFi), gaming, real-world assets (RWAs), security, and infrastructure spaces, encompassing business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) applications.

Applications require no fees or pitches, and Permissionless said its arms are open to dozens of startups. Winners will pitch their products to over 50 venture capital firms, facing the opportunity to partner with ecosystems that will advance their concept through mentoring and technical support.

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Successful applicants get to enjoy several perks, including 1:1 access to expert advisors, credits, discounts, extensive coverage in media outlets, equal opportunities regardless of connections, background, or country, mentorship, technical support, and access to business resources.

The above is one of several programs geared at helping startups find their footing. Last year, CoinMarketCap unveiled a startup accelerator program to empower the next generation of web3 founders.

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