Robert Kiyosaki Concurs With Cathie Wood’s $2.3M Bitcoin Prediction

Robert Kiyosaki Concurs With Cathie Wood’s $2.3M Bitcoin Prediction

American author and financial educator Robert Kiyosaki has voiced his agreement with a $2.3 million per Bitcoin (BTC) prediction that Cathie Wood’s asset management firm Ark Invest made earlier this year.

According to his tweet, Kiyosaki believes Wood’s predictions because he trusts her opinion, she is smart, and BTC has the potential to become worth that amount under the right circumstances.

Ark Invest’s Million Dollar BTC Forecast

In February, Ark Invest released a research report that explained the effect institutional investments and allocations from the global $250 trillion investable asset base would have on Bitcoin’s price.

The invest manager explained that a 1% allocation from the $250 trillion global investable asset base could push BTC to $120,000. In the same vein, a 4.8% average maximum Sharpe ratio allocation from 2015 to 2023 would have placed BTC at $550,000, while a 19.4% allocation could make the cryptocurrency skyrocket to $2.3 million.

While Kiyosaki concurs with Ark’s predictions, he stated that the firm’s analysis could be wrong. However, he said the most important question is how many BTC an individual owns and what they think about the digital asset.

If Ark’s predictions come true, Kiyosaki revealed he would wish he had bought more. On the contrary, if the asset manager is wrong, he would be glad to own zero BTC. Whether Ark is right or wrong, the Rich Dad Poor Dad author insisted that more people would own no Bitcoins.

Kiyosaki Sees Bitcoin at $2.3M

Nevertheless, Kiyosaki also thinks BTC would reach $2.3 million. He said predictions like Wood’s come from a place of courage to make mistakes and learn from them. On that note, he urged his followers to ‘live dangerously’ and purchase at least a small portion of BTC, regardless of the manifestation of Ark’s predictions, as such a move would make them more educated, smarter, and wiser.

“School is the only place on earth where “smart” people are people who never make mistakes. In the real world, the richest and happiest people are people who make mistakes and learn from their mistakes,” he stated.

Meanwhile, Wood is confident that BTC will be worth $1.5 million by 2030. BTC hitting $2.3 million is now a matter of when, not if.

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