RWA Inc. Partners with Prom to Easily Tokenize Real-World Assets


RWA Inc., a prominent platform for tokenization of real-world assets, has recently started an exclusive partnership. As per the announcement, the company is collaborating with Prom (a popular and cutting-edge gaming NFT platform) to provide convenience in the tokenization of real-world assets. The company took to its official account on X to disclose the latest development.

RWA Inc. and Prom Collaborate to Offer Convenient Tokenization of Real-World Assets

In its recent post, the firm described its enthusiasm for the announcement of the exclusive integration. As a part of this collaboration, Prom (a prominent EVM ecosystem) will leverage the platform of RWA for tokenization. In this respect, the Prom consumers will experience significant assistance. The users can now tokenize their real-world assets without any trouble with the use of RWA’s cutting-edge tokenization tools.

In its post describing the partnership, RWA noted that the purpose of this endeavor is to strengthen the modern economy. In addition to this, Prom also discussed this development on the social media platform. According to the company, the integration plays the role of a significant landmark. It asserted that RWA plays the role of a frontrunner in the world of tokenization when it comes to real-world assets.

The exclusive initiative between the two entities provides substantial benefit to the Prom ecosystem. While providing details of this move, Prom revealed that the tokenization of real-world assets can prove a game-changer. As per it, this development can trigger a broad-scale adoption of the Web3 sector among the mainstream community.

The Initiative Seeks to Fill the Gap Between the Physical and Web3 Worlds

Moreover, this can reportedly provide a distinctive way to fill the gap between the physical world and the Web3 world. The new endeavor offers a substantial boost to the functionality of Prom, the company added. Furthermore, it simplifies the interaction of the firm’s community with the conventional assets as well as the blockchain landscape.

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