SimpleSwap Updates Its Loyalty Program With BTC Cashback

SimpleSwap Updates Its Loyalty Program With BTC Cashback

George Town, Cayman Islands, April 5th, 2024, Chainwire

SimpleSwap is a user-friendly exchange platform, designed specifically to make crypto trading smooth and hassle-free. This service has been on the market for more than 5 years now and it continues to surprise its customers with clear and profitable crypto solutions.

One of such tools is the renewed SimpleSwap Loyalty Program. It offers many benefits to participants and features clear terms of use, offering an opportunity to get a bonus for each finished transaction.  

BTC Cashback 

SimpleSwap is all about keeping things easy and making sure its customers get the most out of using its services. For this reason the platform decided to revamp its Loyalty Program, to make it up-to-date. Service offers great benefits to its customers. Now, users have an opportunity to get BTC cashback for each finished transaction made via their customer account. It’s important to note here, even if a trader is looking for a rare coin, SimpleSwap will meet everyone’s needs. The platform has more than 1500 cryptocurrencies ready to be swapped. And now due to the update of the Loyalty Program users can be reworded with BTC for each finished transaction .

Loyalty Program Levels

The Loyalty Program has a pretty simple structure. It consists of 4 levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Each one of them offers customers a different amount of cashback:

  • Bronze: 0,05%
  • Silver: 0,1%
  • Gold: 0,2%
  • Platinum: 0,4%

In order to achieve a new level, users are required to reach a designated exchange volume in the last 90 days:

  • 0 BTC for Bronze level
  • 0.25 BTC for Silver level
  • 1.5 BTC for Gold level
  • 10 BTC for Platinum level
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The key point to remember is that after a user successfully reaches one of the levels, it will be permanent. That means, even if the exchange volume of a customer becomes smaller in the future, the achieved benefit won’t be lost. 

How to Participate in the SimpleSwap Loyalty Program

It’s very easy to become a part of the SimpleSwap Loyalty Program: as soon as the user creates a Customer Account he or she will automatically become a participant. All newcomers will start their journey at the Bronze level with 0,05% of BTC cashback. The more transactions they make via their customer account, the faster they reach the next level. 

SimpleSwap offers a really convenient way to track a current exchange volume. In the customer account, there is a special chart that shows all the finished exchanges made in a 90-day period. 

In order to make it easier to get to know the new Loyalty Program, SimpleSwap created a detailed video guide:


The SimpleSwap team proudly presents this revamped Loyalty Program. New enhanced conditions should help customers in their crypto experience, seamlessly rewarding them for their finished transactions. On top of that, SimpleSwap also offers its users other features that allow them to get even more bonuses. For instance, everyone can also participate in its Invite System and Affiliate Program. Moreover, the platform has a very convenient mobile app for those, who want to quickly swap crypto on the go. SimpleSwap always keeps improving in order to put users’ needs first and make them happy. 

About SimpleSwap

SimpleSwap is a convenient solution for swapping crypto fast and securely. The platform has been on the market  for more than 5 years now and it offers its users clear and profitable crypto tools.

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