Singapore-based Untrading Debuts Crypto Provenance Value Amplification (PVA) System on Testnet

Singapore-based Untrading Debuts Crypto Provenance Value Amplification (PVA) System on Testnet

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, April 22nd, 2024, Chainwire

  • Singapore-founded DeFi platform, Untrading, has commenced their public testnet for top crypto trading pairs beginning April 2nd. 
  • Testnet centered around an innovative Provenance Value Amplification (PVA) System, designed to reward participants with a share of future appreciation in asset value, promoting long-term investment and value generation within the ecosystem.
  • The platform is now available to the public to gather feedback, with NFT trading already live.

Untrading, a DeFi trading platform, has announced the commencement of its public testnet, marking a significant milestone in developing its innovative platform. The testnet launch follows the successful implementation of Untrading’s innovative Provenance Value Amplification (PVA) system, designed to challenge traditional asset trading by enabling users to capture continuous value from their investments, even after selling them. This system not only fosters a more equitable trading environment but also incentivizes long-term value creation and participation within the untrading ecosystem.

Untrading’s platform is designed to open up access to sophisticated trading strategies and technologies, previously the reserve of institutional investors and high-frequency trading firms. At the heart of its offering is the PVA system, a pioneering approach that enables investors to partake in the future value of NFTs, ensuring that original creators and early backers are rewarded as assets appreciate over time. 

PVA is a first-of-its-kind asset transaction protocol on the Ethereum and Polygon networks, employing ERC-5173, the innovative Non-fungible Future Rewards (nFR) framework, as the foundation of the PVA model. This approach allows token holders to actively participate in future price increases, even after selling their tokens, with resilient rewards distributed through an on-chain payment mechanism. The notable absence of commissions on the platform also encourages a collaborative wealth creation ecosystem, aligning the interests of token holders. User asset protection is ensured through the implementation of multi-signature contracts.

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Untrading aims to transfer the shift from traditional, zero-sum, transactional models to one that values long-term growth and community building across the board.

Yale ReiSoleil, CEO and Co-Founder of Untrading, expressed his commitment to upending the trading landscape, stating. “With the PVA system, we’re not just trading assets; we’re investing in their future, ensuring a fair and sustainable reward system for all participants, marking an end to over 600 years of zero-sum trading and unlocking untapped global investment potential.”

ReiSoleil added, “Ultimately, our goal is to redefine how value is created and shared within the crypto ecosystem – and our platform is the perfect vehicle to achieve that”.

Untrading’s testnet launch follows their recent announcement that NFTs are live and trading on the platform. This early implementation showcases the platform’s technology and commitment to delivering tangible value to the crypto community. The platform is now open for users to explore its features, including the PVA system, and to provide valuable feedback to shape its development as they look to achieve their Q2 2024 goals. 

Users can join the public testnet using this link, from April 1st to April 30th. 

About Untrading

Untrading is a fintech startup focused on leveraging blockchain technology to provide innovative trading solutions. Founded by Yale ReiSoleil, a veteran in high-frequency trading and an early investor in cryptocurrencies, Untrading is set to change the landscape of decentralized finance with its unique PVA system and commitment to fair, transparent, and sustainable trading practices.

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