Sky Mavis Unveils Trusted Domain System to Boost Web3 Security



Sky Mavis, the team that designed the Ronin Network, has announced the creation of the Sky Mavis Trusted Domain System. It is a revolutionary security feature that strengthens users against some of the many threats that exist in the Web3 environment. The system is made up of three separate shields such as the Mavis Badge, the Mavis Friends Badge, and the Unknown Badge, each providing a strong defense against the constantly evolving attack vectors.

Sky Mavis Unveils New Badges for Web3 Security Assurance

The Web3 environment is fully anarchical due to the fact that there are bad actors currently hunting greater opportunities for possible robbing the users. Implementation of the Sky Mavis Trusted Domain System provides users with an upper hand in securing their assets. It is vital to remember that not all conceivable threats have been taken into account. However, this system has been created to cut down on the most harmful threats, including such acts as spoofing, social engineering, and phishing

The Mavis Badge is a trademark of the Sky Mavis Trusted Domain System and is a reputable game of Financial Trust. One could see it every time he interacted with a dApp or a game created and published by either Sky Mavis or Ronin. More specifically, it could be observed on a user’s address in his wallet when signing a transaction hash; it makes users confident that the transaction is considered safe for execution by most standards. There is also a badge called Mavis Friends, which means high trust.


Sky Mavis Enhances Web3 Trust with New Badge

It is assigned to a dApp or game built by partners that are trusted by Sky Mavis, such as Sky Mavis and Axie Infinity. However, even if a protocol has the Mavis Friends Badge for increased trust, you should still be cautious with the safest outcome.

Sky Mavis Trusted Domain System provides users with an additional tool to protect themselves from bad actors in Web3. To travel securely, users must stay conscious and be active on security. By integrating the Sky Mavis Trusted Domain System into the existing cybersecurity or body plan, users may access more of the Web3 environment with greater certainty. Sky Mavis will continue to improve schemes that prioritize the user’s trust in future Web3 gatherings.

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