Slothana Token to Launch in Under a Week Following $10M Raise – Next Solana Meme Coin to List on Major Exchanges?

Slothana Token to Launch in Under a Week Following $10M Raise – Next Solana Meme Coin to List on Major Exchanges?


Meme coin mania is taking over the crypto world once again.

And at the center of the latest speculative frenzy is Slothana (SLOTH), which is gearing up for an eagerly awaited token launch after its presale raised over $10 million from investors.


New Slothana Meme Coin Causes a Frenzy on Solana

For those who haven’t heard of Slothana yet, get ready – this new Solana meme coin is about to be everywhere.

Inspired by the iconic internet meme of the office worker sloth, Slothana has been taking crypto social media by storm.

The project has already racked up over 23,000 Twitter followers in under a month as speculation around Slothana reaches fever pitch.


This hype has only intensified during Slothana’s presale round.

Instead of the typical purchase process, investors could send SOL to a designated wallet address to purchase their SLOTH tokens.


The seamless, meme-worthy method clearly resonated – since over $10 million worth of SOL has flooded in from buyers looking to get in on the ground floor.

With that massive war chest behind it, Slothana’s team is putting the finishing touches on the token ahead of its DEX listing for next week.

While the specific DEX is still being kept under wraps, meme coin investors will likely be watching the unveiling closely.


Interestingly, with Slothana’s team offering a “last chance” to buy before the listing, investors are piling in while they can, hoping the token’s price explodes once it hits the open market.

SLOTH Receives Influencer Backing Ahead of DEX Listing

With Solana’s buzz reaching unprecedented heights, it’s no wonder the project is receiving recognition from some of crypto’s biggest names and platforms.

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The top rating site ICOBench currently has Slothana slotted in at #2, outranking hundreds of upcoming token launches and sales.


Influential YouTubers like ClayBro and Austin Hilton have also praised the project on their channels.

But perhaps most notably, Slothana has earned a spot on the “5 Best Meme Coins to Buy Now” list curated by the team at 99Bitcoins.


99Bitcoins is one of the crypto scene’s most respected educational hubs, so the fact that Slothana has caught their attention speaks volumes about the potential they see in the coin.

Such widespread endorsement from trusted industry leaders is a clear sign that this playful, sloth-inspired meme token has genuinely captured the attention of the “degen” trading crowd.

Could Slothana Snag a Binance Listing Next?

With all the hype surrounding Slothana’s imminent DEX listing, some investors are wondering if the token could eventually reach an even bigger stage – like Binance.

While such speculation may sound outlandish for a project that’s essentially a tongue-in-cheek joke, recent history has shown that meme coins can indeed earn listings on major CEXs.

Just look at Book of Meme (BOME), another Solana-based meme token that provides no utility beyond its frog-inspired branding.

Yet BOME still managed to get listed on Binance in mid-March after its price went parabolic, with the exchange looking to capitalize on the mania surrounding the token.

So, while Slothana has started as a literal joke making fun of the 9-5 grind, if its initial DEX debut next week kickstarts a bull run, it’s not crazy to think that Binance (or other top exchanges) could look to list the asset.

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