Soarchain Enters Interchain Ecosystem with Suzuki Partnership


The first L1 mobility-based DePIN called Soarchain has made a major step in transforming the mobility sector revolution by entering the Interchain ecosystem. It sets the stage for a new era of vehicle-to-vehicle, vehicle-to-driver, and vehicle-to-environment interaction. Soarchain’s integration into the Interchain ecosystem is expected to drive concrete adoption, with collaborations already underway with established brands like Suzuki.

CometBFT and Cosmos SDK Power Soarchain’s Blockchain Innovation

Soarchain is a modular Layer-1 Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Network that seeks to improve the creation and implementation of connected projected mobility and edge applications. Using CometBFT, Cosmos SDK, CosmWasm, and the Inter-Blockchain Communication protocol, Soarchain offers a reliable and sophisticated blockchain network.

Therefore, CometBFT allows Soarchain to replicate its blockchain application on various machines with a secure framework to resist against specific attacks. The development architecture of Cosmos SDK, a modular has made it possible to create custom modules suited for the various use cases of Soarchain, whereas CosmWasm will serve as a smart contract platform due to its flexibleness and upgradability.

As for the IBC Bulletin that allows a collaborative standpoint between chains, Soarchain will also benefit from the protocol. Currently, this technology is the essential feature for Soarchain to expand its limitations.

To fulfill this vision, Soarchain brings the following solutions: Runner Nodes, zk-SNARKs, data ownership solutions, security measures, such as Trusted Execution Environments, and certification levels differentiation. These solutions support scalability, privacy, data ownership, and security in the Soarchain’s ecosystem.

Soarchain to Shape the Decentralized Future of Mobility

Soarchain believes itself as the `AppStore of mobility’ which delivers dApps for decentralized car hailing, intelligent traffic flow optimization, and autonomous fleet management as some of the individual cases. Simultaneously, Soarchain is a smart city enabler puts together different transport types and mode and make urban mobility smoother.

Soarchain’s partnership with Suzuki concerning Vehicle-to-Everything technology is developed to increase both safety on the roads and its operation efficiency. Testing in Hyderabad, India, showed that the creation can improve driver-centric perception of physical nodes and decision-making on the roads.

Soarchain enhances the interchain system by being the industry hub, a Data Availability Layer for highly-mobile physical nodes, and a creator of the true blockchain utilization through practical implementations integrated into the mobility sector.

Ultimately, the company can contribute to the decentralized and security-oriented future of mobility, which will be oriented on the users in accordance with the industry trends and needs.

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