Solana’s Parcl Unveils PRCL Tokens: Transforming Real Estate Trading

  • Solana-based real estate investment platform Parcl has officially launched its native token.
  • To reward early ecosystem adopters and important community members, a portion of the total supply would be available for them to claim before December 31, 2024.

A real estate digitization investment platform based on Solana, Parcl, announces the launch of its native token, PRCL. According to the report, this launch is the first representation and primary step in decentralizing the Parcl ecosystem. Since the commencement of its operation on Solana, thousands of real-world real estate markets have been indexed with more than $1.35B of trade volume executed by the Decentralized Exchange (DEX). 

Having commended the effort of the entire team who worked tirelessly to sustain and maintain the operation of the ecosystem, the contributions of the early adopters and core community members did not go unnoticed as Parcl rolled them into an initial community distribution campaign as formerly reported by Crypto News Flash. In this case, 8% of the total supply (80,000,000 PRCL) would be distributed on the first day of this campaign to early adopters and core Parcl community members.

In addition to that, 7.5% of the total supply (75,000,000) would be distributed to the early adopters of the Parcl protocol. After that, 0.5% of the total supply (5,000,000) would be airdropped to the core Parcl community members. With all these, eligible users have until December 31, 2024, to claim their rewards. 

More Details on the Parcl Ecosystem and the Token Allocation

Other information on token allocations available to Crypto News Flash is that 28% of the total token supply would be reserved in treasury for important protocol objectives. The team discloses these key objectives to be infrastructure, growth, partnerships, and ongoing network incentives. Another 28% of the total supply would go to early supporters and advisors.

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This set of individuals is believed to have provided valuable information and assisted in facilitating the growth of the Parcl ecosystem over the past three years. 21% would, as well, be distributed among core contributors. Holders of the PRCL token would be eligible to participate in governance regarding a certain portion of the Parcl protocol. On top of that, they would access enhanced utility across data and trading such as incentives within the protocol ecosystem. With these ongoing distributions, the team has issued a sound of caution to all eligible users to be wary of unverified links and potential scams. 

Parcl seeks to dominate the $300 Trillion industry with several groundbreaking initiatives set to be unveiled to facilitate this mission. About five months ago, it announced the launch of the Parcl V3 version on Solana with several enhanced features including “a perpetual futures decentralized exchange (DEX), cross-margin accounts, unified liquidity provider (LP), and improved liquidity provider protection.

Over the years, the Parcl blockchain network has utilized proprietary data feed and also enabled users to engage in trading activities by offering leverage of up to 10 times the invested amount. It is important to note that the network relies on liquidity providers to deposit USDC, and this makes leveraged trading possible. Liquidity providers receive 70% of the trading fee generated on the platform in exchange for their provisions. 


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