Solv Protocol Introduces Innovative Point System to Reward Users, Reveals Airdrop Plans

Solv Protocol Introduces Innovative Point System to Reward Users, Reveals Airdrop Plans

[PRESS RELEASE – Singapore, Singapore, April 5th, 2024]

Solv Protocol, the leading native yield platform that tokenizes and aggregates yields from diverse sources, is launching its new point system. The system will go live on April 5, and is designed to reward users investing in Solv vaults like SolvBTC, the platform’s native yield solution for Bitcoin.

The Solv point system introduces a dynamic way for users to earn rewards based on their investment activities. Those who stake in Solv vaults will accrue points proportionate to their staked amounts.

Additionally, the system features a referral program, enabling users to invite friends and family to participate. All earned points can be used to receive future Solv airdrops, fostering enhanced engagement and allowing users to actively contribute to the protocol’s growth and success.

Backed by Blockchain Capital, Binance, Nomura, and other prominent investors, Solv Protocol currently boasts a Total Value Locked (TVL) of over $202 million since its launch in the second quarter of last year. The recent introduction of SolvBTC, the world’s first-ever yield-bearing Bitcoin, underscores Solv’s commitment to building a vital liquidity layer that empowers the vast BTCFi ecosystem. SolvBTC is already available on Ethereum mainnet, Arbitrum, BNB Chain, Merlin Chain, and other networks. More than 2,000 BTC is now entrusted with Solv.

The $SOLV token will serve as the governance token for Solv Protocol, giving $SOLV holders the opportunity to participate in asset and resource selection, as well as gain additional governance-related benefits and rewards.

With the launch of the new point system and the continued success of SolvBTC, Solv Protocol continues to solidify its position as a vital liquidity layer within the DeFi landscape. This exciting development marks yet another important milestone in Solv’s journey towards empowering users and revolutionizing the world of DeFi asset management.

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About Solv Protocol:

Solv Protocol is a native yield platform and unified liquidity gateway that tokenizes and aggregates high-quality yields from various sources. With core assets like SolvBTC, SolvUSD, and SolvETH, the protocol serves as a vital liquidity layer across ecosystems. Solv Protocol is backed by prominent investors including Binance Labs and Blockchain Capital, and audited by Quantstamp, Certik, and others. The protocol’s maiden product, SolvBTC, addresses a significant gap in the Bitcoin ecosystem by providing a native yield solution that gives BTC holders unprecedented opportunities for growth and participation.

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